5 tips to rank up from Gold in Valorant (2023)

One can follow a few easy tips to get out of Gold in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
One can follow a few easy tips to get out of Gold in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Climbing out of a particular elo is much harder for Valorant players as most fail to consider various factors while competitively playing. The Gold lobby is one of the most common ranking divisions where most of the player base is stuck.

With the recent competitive changes, many are more likely to have placements in Gold. It can be a bit difficult to climb this particular lobby, and that being said, it is not impossible. With the correct composition and teamplay, anyone can reach better ranks in Valorant. Moreover, Riot Games ensures a player is rewarded handsomely for a good win.

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Five essential tips for climbing out of Valorant's Gold rank

1) Try playing with a stack


The best way to climb out of the tough ranks in Valorant would be to avoid solo queuing. It gets even better if one can find a full stack. Five players who can share communication and teamwork is a recipe for guaranteed victory. Moreover, going solo in competitive matchmaking can be a hectic deal considering the toxicity of randoms.

A good five stacks can be found through a variety of methods. Discord and third-party apps such as Teams.gg are a few of the most common ways to look for the perfect team. This will also ensure one gets better at communicating in the long run.

2) Use better Agent lineups


Players often fail to recognize the potential of a well-made Agent lineup in Valorant. Each Agent comprises unique abilities that can be synergized with other Agents in the game. The whole point of these abilities is to provide an edge during combat.

Once players see the importance of a perfect lineup, they will likely gain more wins in their competitive careers. A lineup with a Duelist, two Initiators, one Sentinel, and one Controller is a perfect example of a decent Agent stack.

3) Use strategies


Valorant maps are designed uniquely and offer a ton of special features to the players. One must use strategy and teamwork together to come out victorious on the other end. Looking and professional play from VCTs can give one an idea of how to strategize properly with Agents and maps.

Applying the same strategies on a custom server with friends can also be beneficial. The same can be said for practicing any lineup with utilities as well. These are the building blocks of good strategies that can be executed with communication.

4) Depending on the communication


No strategy or teammate will work if one cannot rely on communication. Communication is the key to a healthy stack. One must constantly relay every piece of intel to their teammate so the team can act accordingly. Enemy positions, setups, and lineups are all important information when communicating.

Without intel, a team cannot hope to win games. Lower-ranked lobbies can get by with little to no communication and win games. However, higher lobbies must utilize information. More often than not, Gold players would tend to ignore this.

5) Train your aim


If all else fails, one must rely on their raw aim and mechanical prowess to win gunfights. The ability to win gunfights is the most important skill a player must master. Valorant is a first-person shooter that encourages players to use their abilities. That said, one must be prepared to use rifles and other weapons.

It is always recommended to warm up for a fair amount of time before jumping into competitive play. Using third-party software such as Aimlab and Kovaaks can be extremely helpful.

Valorant players often overlook the simple things that hamper their progress in climbing better ranks. Following simple methods such as training aim or devising a general strategy can quite easily increase the chances of winning.

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