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Top 50 hilarious names to choose in Valorant

Top 50 hilarious names to choose in Valorant

Since its release back in June 2020, Valorant has quickly become one of the most popular multiplayer titles on the planet. Riot's FPS 5v5 tactical shooter's unique combination of gunplay and agent abilities has caught the imagination of millions of hundreds and thousands of players who regularly logs in. The developers have also done an impeccable job updating the title and adding new content to refresh the player experience.


When starting the game, players can set an in-game name, and other players in the team and opponents will know him by that name only. Some players love to crack the fun out of it and go by a hilarious name in the game.

50 funny names to use in Valorant

Here is the list of names that players can use as in-game names in Valorant:

1. Headhunter


2. Toxic

3. Bye Boomers

4. Chadmeiter5000

5. NoName

6. Bottom Frag


7. BadKarma

8. Real Name Hidden

9. AllGoodNamesRGone

10. anonymouse

11. PlzKillMe


12. WannaBeFriends

13. Couldnt_Find_Good_Name

14. Clutchnoob

15. Pingdiff

16. Eccentric

17. IAmYou

18. Rapid

19. ExWhyZed

20. thanoslefthand

21. ironmansnap

22. Question

23. Can'tkillme?

24. WhyKillMe?

25. InstalockerNoob

26. Pizzalover

27. Slaythemwithrespect

28. HeyYouNotYouYou

29. Pro_loorker

30. SpareMe

31. Asteroid

32. CanCer

33. StarsAlign

34. Danger

35. CheckMate

36. Yoursnightmare

37. TakeTheL

38. WhoYou?

39. NoCap

40. Traumatic

41. UcantbeatMe

42. Entryfragger

43. OperatorproVadalnoob

44. Ecofragger

45. Thriftychampion

46. Behindyou

47. IwasReloading

48. Meltdown

49. Respawn

50. Flame

How to change player name in Valorant

Players can easily change their display name in Valorant. They need to follow the steps below to modify their IGN name.

  • Step 1: First go to account.riotgames.com and open the link from the browser.
  • Step 2: Log in with the proper credentials.
  • Step 3: Go and select Riot ID under Account Management. It will ask for the Riot ID and Tagline followed by a # . Fill them in correctly.
  • Step 4: Save the changes to the Riot ID and Tagline.

After that, players will find the new name as their display name. However, players need to remember that after changing their name, players can only change their name again after the cooldown period of 30 days. There are many other combinations that players can use for their in-game name, and choosing the right name is down to the player's personal preference.


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