How do you get Valorant player cards?

Last Modified Oct 26, 2022 04:32 GMT
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Valorant’s popularity is increasing day by day. The game has already attracted a lot of players and has a huge daily player base.

The developers have a huge role in Valorant’s success. With frequent updates and multiple changes, developers always put in relentless efforts to keep the game fresh and entertaining. With every new Act, the developers introduce multiple new player cards. All the cards are designed with some unique concept.

How you can get Valorant player cards

There are several ways of getting Valorant player cards:

  1. With every new Act in the game, Valorant developers come up with some unique Player Card as a Battlepass reward. Some of them are Premium Items which can be claimed after buying the Battlepass by spending 1000 BP. However, there are some Player Cards that can be claimed without purchasing the Battle Pass.

  2. With every new skin bundle, developers introduce a Player Card around a theme. Players can purchase the item from the store.

  3. Each Agent has a unique Player Card in the game. Players can also get those by unlocking the Agents.

  4. Riot often comes up with limited time Player Cards that have to be claimed within a certain period of time.


Q. Can players get the Valorant Player Cards for free?

A. Yes, players can get most of the Valorant Player Cards for free, except Battlepass Premium Tier items and Skin Bundle Player Cards.

Q. Are all the claimed Player Cards valid for lifetime?

A. Yes, all the claimed Player Cards will be in players’ inventory for the lifetime.

Q. Where can players check all their Valorant Player Cards?

A. Players can check and equip all their claimed Player Cards in their Collection.