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Bobby Lashley kicked off RAW displaying his newly-won WWE United States Championship

5 Big Takeaways from WWE RAW (July 4, 2022)

WWE Monday Night RAW emanated from Pechanga Arena in San Diego, California to a raucous crowd on hand. The 4th of July celebration hit the squared circle, in a salute to all things Red, White & Blue.

Coming off a fairly well-received Money in the Bank event this past weekend, WWE lit the fuse again for what looked like it could be an explosive night.


New champions were featured, storylines advanced and a certain, valuable briefcase appeared on this week's edition. Unfortunately, it didn't have quite that many sparks, but it was far from a dud.

Having said that? Let's take a closer look at five things that stood out about the latest edition of WWE RAW.


#5. Liv Morgan has come a long way and now reigns supreme as the WWE Smackdown Women's Champion

Liv Morgan wasn't highly regarded early in her WWE tenure. In fact, it looked like she was light years behind performers like Sasha Banks or Bayley.


Eventually, her hard work and efforts paid off. As she slowly got better in the ring, the audience took to her plucky personality and awesome attitude.

Bottom line? People really like Liv Morgan. While she will never be an elite performer between the ropes, she's done a terrific job in her ascension to the top.


#4. The Fourth of July party segments weren't good, providing little entertainment as a whole

These backstage vignettes have to be being produced in a 'so-bad-it's good' type of way. No one can really believe these cutaways are as hilarious as they are intended to be.

For example, having Otis throw up in the ring after eating too many hot dogs was both goofy and disgusting at the same time.

This is not a complete shot at WWE creative, but perhaps they should try to do less of this kind of stuff going forward. Or at least put together a team that can make it better.

#3. The Miz and AJ Styles showed how two veterans can perform a standard, but still solid, match-up


Not much more to say here, except this was a combination of two guys with about 40 years of experience combined, so this isn't exactly a huge news flash.

Styles, who has literally been Phenomenal since making his name in TNA Wrestling, was his usual self. Even though he still uses the same maneuvers, it never gets old. Because he always finds new ways to deliver them. He did so in this match as well, taking the victory with a Phenomenal Forearm.

Standing across from him is another future Hall of Famer, The Miz. Once thought to have no chance of ever making it to WWE, he's forged a decorated career through endurance and dedication.

He's a great ambassador for the company as well, even if many in the WWE Universe don't like him.

#2. Gunther attacking 'Uncle Sam' on Independence Day is a traditional heel move


The current Intercontinental Champion is one of the fastest rising stars in the company. His awesome power, menacing look and mix of suplexes and slams are a perfect combination. Especially for a dominant heel. Gunther looks to be a huge star for the promotion for years to come.

His attack on R. Truth, who was portraying Uncle Sam, may have been a bit too hokey. However, it plays right along with the two performers' personas. Truth is all about nonsense, while Gunther is a super serious individual.

For generations, villians in sports entertainment have been known to break up so-called 'fun' segments. Going after a national symbol on America's birthday is perfect for the monster heel's character, cold and destructive.

#1. Looks like we aren't getting John Cena vs. Theory at SummerSlam 2022

In the show's opening segment, Bobby Lashley came out with a strong welcome from the San Diego crowd. But before he could finish his promo, he was interrupted by the new Mr. Money in the Bank, Theory.


All the way up to today, it was being widely reported that Cena would be returning in a few weeks for the event to battle Vince McMahon's protege. Instead, Theory announced that he would be receiving a US Title re-match at SummerSlam with The Almighty.

While it would be great to see Theory taking a big step against one of WWE's greatest all-time performers. However, all hope for the match is not lost yet. It's now believed that their eventual meeting won't take place until WrestleMania 39.

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