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4 Reasons why Daniel Bryan will challenge The Fiend for The Universal Championship at Survivor Series

Daniel Bryan will challenge for the newly unveiled blue Universal Championship at Survivor Series! #WWE #SurvivorSeries #TheFiend

Phillipa Marie
Published Nov 16, 2019
The Fiend set his sights on Daniel Bryan first

Daniel Bryan was attacked by The Fiend in the United Kingdom last week and this has now lead to Bryan challenging The Fiend to a match at Survivor Series for the Universal Championship. Originally Bray Wyatt planned to fight Bryan in the Fun House, but the former World Champion was able to outsmart him and instead told him that if he wanted a fight it would be in the ring and for the Championship, something which the Universal Champion accepted.


Bryan obviously didn't want to pick a fight with The Fiend given the carnage that he has left in his wake over the past few months, but the mind games continued from Bray Wyatt and even though initially, Bryan said no to the match, the tables were turned and it was him that laid down the challenge to Bray Wyatt, who accepted quite emphatically.

After the win over Seth Rollins at Crown Jewel, it was thought that The Fiend would be given a much easier challenger at Survivor Series, but that wasn't the case. Now that the match is official what are the reasons for it taking place?

#4. Lack of time to build a story

The Fiend wasn't originally supposed to face Daniel Bryan

Reports from The Wrestling Observer this week have suggested that Daniel Bryan should have been part of the mid-card triple threat match at Survivor Series whilst The Miz then took on Bray Wyatt/The Fiend for the Universal Championship, but instead these plans were changed.


The delay in Saudi Arabia which essentially cost WWE a week of build-up could have been the key factor in this since Wyatt failed to appear on Miz TV meaning that he couldn't kickstart his feud with A-Lister. Rebooking that segment would have made the show too predictable so WWE decided to think outside the box and since Bryan was unable to win the Intercontinental Championship in the three weeks between Crown Jewel and Survivor Series, he needed a match too.

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