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  • "At one time I was engaged" - When WWE's Stephanie McMahon was rumored to date famous rapper
WWE Chairwoman & Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon

"At one time I was engaged" - When WWE's Stephanie McMahon was rumored to date famous rapper

Several rumors have surrounded WWE Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon's dating life over the past few decades. About 22 years ago, one suggested that she was in a relationship with Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst. The Billion Dollar Princess addressed these speculations in an old interview, stating that they were untrue.

"No [the rumors are not true], I don't know where that came from. Apparently at one time [it was rumored that] I was engaged to Fred Durst. But no, it's definitely not true. I've never even met him!" she said.

In the same interview, Stephanie gave more insight into her dating life at the time, disclosing that she was a hopeless romantic.

"Dating can be very difficult, especially because you never really know where someone's coming from. But I really am a hopeless romantic and believe that when its meant to be it will just be," she added.

While giving that interview, Stephanie was involved in a romantic storyline with Triple H. As they worked together, the couple fell in love and started dating in real life. They spent about three years together before tying the knot in 2003. The couple now have three daughters.


Stephanie McMahon and Triple H currently run WWE. The Billion Dollar Princess has become the company's Chairwoman and Co-CEO following her father's retirement. Meanwhile, her husband has taken charge of the creative process, becoming the Chief Content Officer.


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WWE Chairwoman Stephanie McMahon dated a baseball player before Triple H

Stephanie McMahon was very private about her romantic relationships before dating Triple H. However, she reportedly dated a few guys, including a baseball player, before finding real love with The Game.


Speaking on his Something to Wrestle podcast, Executive Director of Raw and SmackDown Bruce Prichard recalled meeting some of Stephanie's boyfriends:

"During this time, we're in 1999. She had a boyfriend all the way until roughly 2001. It was the 2000, I got to think how I remember meeting them and stuff. Yeah, she had a boyfriend, best of my knowledge. I only met a couple of her boyfriends and they were all nice guys. The last one before Triple H was, I think, a baseball player. A real quiet nice guy," he said. (H/T: FirstSportz)

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