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  • "We had all the belts anyways" - Kevin Nash reacts to WWE Legend claiming he was asked to lead The Kliq
Kevin Nash has responded to a WWE legend

"We had all the belts anyways" - Kevin Nash reacts to WWE Legend claiming he was asked to lead The Kliq

Kevin Nash responded to WWE Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart's claim that The Kliq wanted him to be the leader of their group.

On a recent episode of the Kliq This podcast, Kevin reacted to a clip of an interview with Bret Hart on Inside The Ropes. Bret stated that Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, and Kevin approached him in Germany about becoming the head of the Kliq. Bret noted that the group wanted to control the top matches and who won.


He added that all they were going to do was work with their friends in the company. The Hitman didn't think that was fair to WWE wrestlers like the late Owen Hart and Lex Luger. Kevin reacted by saying that he doesn't remember the conversation.

Co-host Sean Oliver asked the 63-year-old if he would ever relinquish power over the group to Bret. However, Big Daddy Cool pointed out that The Kliq were indeed wrestling with each other shortly before they disbanded:

"We didn't travel together," said Nash. "But I mean, the thing is, if you look at the last match before The Kliq was disbanded, Diesel and Shawn Michaels were the main event in a cage for the world title. Triple H was fighting for the IC belt, so it seems to me like we had all the belts anyways." (01:40- 02:09)

Kevin then complimented Bret towards the end of the video and claimed that the two never had an issue with each other:

"He was great. I had some of my best matches with Bret... I think he had more problems with different people in our Kliq than me. Bret and I never had a problem." (02:16 - 02:46)

Bret Hart reacts to Vince McMahon retiring from WWE

Bret recently joined Sportskeeda Wrestling Senior Editor Bill Apter for an interview. The 5-time WWF Champion spoke about Vince McMahon's sudden retirement from WWE.

He noted that nobody has made as big of an impact in the professional wrestling business as McMahon and that he feels bad about the situation. The 65-year-old added that the former WWE CEO will be sorely missed following his departure:

“Like everybody else, I’m mostly just kind of surprised,” Hart said. “I don’t think anybody’s ever made as big a footprint as Vince McMahon. I feel kinda sad about it, actually. I know people probably think I would be gloating or happy to see him go through what he’s going [through], but I don’t. I feel bad that it happened, or whatever’s happened. I think his loss, or his absence from the business, will be sorely missed.” [0:48-1:20]
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It will be interesting to see if Bret responds to Kevin's comments in the future. The Hitman hasn't been shy about sharing his opinion about other wrestling legends in the past.

Would you have liked to see Bret as the leader of The Kliq? Let us know in the comments section below.

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