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Seth Freakin' Rollins has had several different personas during his time with WWE

The 5 Faces of WWE Superstar Seth Rollins

WWE Superstars have been known to switch up their characters from time to time. Be it to turn heel or babyface, or merely to freshen things up, everyone needs a new coat of paint from time to time.

In the past, WWE legends like Steve Austin and The Rock found greater success with an entirely new persona. Meanwhile, Mick Foley became famous for playing three different characters within the promotion - all at the same time, essentially.


In the case of Seth Freakin' Rollins, the arc of his character has come gradually and in waves. He's been just about everything on his way to what will surely be a Hall of Fame career when it's all said and done.

Here's a look at the five faces of Seth Rollins and why each was an important stage of his amazing career.


#5 - The Leader of The Shield

Rollins emerged in WWE as part of powerhouse faction The Shield. Alongside Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (John Moxley), the trio burst onto the scene and immediately made a splash.

I want The Shield's music to hit, and I wanna see this entrance!!! #BelieveInTheShield #Raw #WWE

The Hounds of Justice began as a hired-hand heel group. But their popularity grew so rapidly that they became a favorite part of WWE programming. As three of the promotion's most promising prospects, it gave them the chance to hone their skills while working together. The end result produced three of the biggest stars in the professional wrestling world today.

Seen as the leader and spokesman for the group, Rollins shined early and was already emerging as a potential singles star. The next step for him would be to go it alone.


#4 - The Corporate WWE Champion

In what turned out to be a chairshot heard 'round the world, Rollins eventually turned on The Shield to join forces with Triple H and The Authority. It stunned the WWE Universe. However, it turned out to be a springboard for his career.

On this day 7 years ago:

Seth Rollins turned on the Shield in one of the most shocking heel turns in WWE history


Under the guidance of The Game, Rollins would capture his first WWE Championship. He would then embark on a 221-day reign on top, until a severe knee injury forced him to relinquish the title.

Despite the unfortunate way this title reign ended, it represented a huge step for Rollins. It was his first opportunity to take the ball and run with it. He did so admirably. During this era of his career, the former Shield leader proved that he could be the face of the franchise.

#3 - Super Seth

After returning from a serious knee injury and having a bit of a miscalculation in his re-start, Rollins returned to go on an amazing run. Now back to being a babyface, it can be argued that this is when he displayed his best in-ring work in WWE thus far.

It was almost as if his comeback sent a jolt through Rollins as he burned it down in the ring. Seth displayed athleticism and courage that totally re-defined his character.

2 years ago today, Seth Rollins had an incredible performance in the gauntlet match. This was the start of a great year for him in the ring.

On the February 19, 2017 episode of RAW, he absolutely stole the show, wrestling for over an hour and gaining back-to-back pinfalls over Roman Reigns and John Cena.


But his most superhuman effort of all during this era was when he defeated The Best Incarnate Brock Lesnar to capture the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 35. To this day, it is the crowning achievement of his singles career.

#2 - The Monday Night Messiah

In what could be considered a transitional phase of the veteran's career, he adopted the moniker 'The Monday Night Messiah'. During this time, he began delivering promos that almost sounded like sermons.

Messiah Seth Rollins was GREAT.

Continuing with religious overtones, he stated that he was there to sacrifice his opponents. He also assembled a flock around him that included Buddy Murphy and the Authors of Pain.

At this point, he displayed a much darker character than he had ever shown before. It was hit-or-miss with the fans at times. A certain percentage of the WWE Universe loved it. Meanwhile, others were left a bit confused.

Despite anyone who may have been critical of the persona at the time, looking back, it was a growth period for the veteran. He was able to stretch out in that role and explore some elements that he had never displayed before. In fact, it was likely the impetus for the character he plays in WWE today.

#1 - The Architect, Seth Freakin' Rollins

Today's version of Seth Rollins is a macabre mix of James Bond villain and The Joker. With his crazy suits and maniacal laughter, he's really expanded his role as The Architect. He's been a multi-faceted heel as he still receives some support from the crowd.

Bonus snap of Seth Rollins’ entrance at Wrestlemania 📸

The greatest moment of his current incarnation has to be the all-time classic he had this year at WrestleMania against Cody Rhodes. He and The American Nightmare pulled out all the stops. Their match was generally considered one of the best of the two-day event.


Currently, he's embroiled in a red-hot feud with Matt Riddle and continues to be one of the most entertaining parts of WWE RAW every week. His new character went from initially being annoying to growing on the audience. Now, it's almost as if he owns the show every time he comes through the curtain.

He's really found his true identity right now. That is... unless he decides to change it up again.

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