Riddle is one of the most entertaining characters in all of wrestling right now

Matt Riddle as been amazing with both his actions and his antics
Matt Riddle as been amazing with both his actions and his antics

Monday Night RAW has a legitimate star in Riddle.

The former MMA fighter turned pro wrestler, Riddle has become one of the funniest and most entertaining characters on the brand. He's done a great job of mixing in martial arts while still being jolly and jovial at the same time.

The Sandaled One is one part surfer stoner, and part awesome ass kicker. He's the perfect blend of the guy you would love to hang out with, but you wouldn't want to mess with.

In essence, Riddle is the kind of guy you'd love to have a beer with... but that you wouldn't want to tick off

RK-Bro and The Street Profits are about to team up, making what might be the greatest team ever assembled. #WWERaw

His current partnership right now with Randy Orton has been incredible, with Riddle playing the 'little brother' role to The Viper in a way that has made him very likable. It's almost as if he is a pet that Orton has adopted and just can't let go.

It's one of the best angles WWE has going on right now, as the ridiculous Riddle has done his best to put over the ultra-serious veteran. Both men should be commended for how well they've done their dynamic work as a duo.

His shenanigans and chicanery know no bounds. From riding a camel into WWE Crown Jewel to his constant agitation of Orton, Riddle has proven that he is one of the most watchable people in all of professional wrestling today.

He has done that simply by being and an extension of his real self. A sweet, nice guy, who could probably kick the crap out of you if he wanted to.

It's a rare and different type of character, which is why Riddle should have a bright future going forward in WWE. Eventually, his partnership with Randy Orton as part of RK-Bro will end, and he will likely tread along the path of being a singles performer.

But there is no doubting that the future should be bright for him. The WWE Universe adores him. And when you've got the fans on your side? That's 90% of the battle.

Someday, we might be seeing Riddle lift the WWE title up over his head, standing at the top of that shining mountaintop.

And you have to admit... that would be really cool, bro.

What do you think the future holds for Matt Riddle in WWE? Is a future World Champion? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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