Seth Rollins has become 'The Joker' of WWE now

Seth Rollins' current heel run has been both comical and brilliant at the same time
Seth Rollins' current heel run has been both comical and brilliant at the same time

Seth Rollins' WWE career has had many twists and turns, but his tenure right now might be us seeing him at his very best.

The man who rose to the top of the game as a member of The Shield, ultimately became a WWE Champion and is one of the finest performers in the promotion today. Rollins has nothing left to prove to anyone. Over the course of his time with the company, he has done it all.

Having said that? He sometimes doesn't receive the credit he deserves as an all-around performer. Despite being dis-respected by many in the WWE Universe, Rollins is a terrific athlete and one of the finest wrestlers in the world today.

Rollins' recent feud with Edge has proven that, as the two men have brought out the best in each other.

Rollins has long been considered a 'crown jewel' of the WWE roster (pun intended). He was hand-picked to be a future star many years ago, and he has certainly lived up to the hype.

But his recent run has really been a great evolution in his era as an elite superstar. He needed this change to grow his character, and he has taken full advantage of it.

During his time with WWE, Rollins has been known by many names. He's been 'The Messiah', 'The Kingslayer', and much more. But his current role probably fits him much better than any persona that he has ever had before. He's been able to unleash a character who is not only notorious, but also humorous.

With his crazy outfits and his funny promos? Rollins has seemingly become The Joker of WWE.

He is the ultimate villain, yet it's hard not to laugh at his hijinks. You may want to hate him, but he makes you respect him for his silly way of making you smile.

That type of personality is what makes people want to tune in. It's magnetic.

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At just 35 years old, Rollins will surely add a lot to his certain Hall of Fame career. He will accomplish a lot more before it's all said and done. He's too good not to.

But for now his character has become a great mix of both sinister and stupid. Much like an old-school 'bad guy', he's been evil and entertaining.

So for anyone who's ever counted him out in the past?

The joke is on them now.

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