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  • Top AEW star, 16-time world champion - 4 WWE Superstars who were almost added to iconic factions
Some surprising WWE stars were almost part of iconic factions

Top AEW star, 16-time world champion - 4 WWE Superstars who were almost added to iconic factions

Factions are a major part of WWE history. Dating back as far as the 1980s, certain collections of talent united to form seemingly unstoppable supergroups that often captured the minds of the viewers watching at home and live in the arena.

These groups come in many shapes and sizes. Stables featuring three, four, or even 10 superstars aren't uncommon. Many three-person groups find plenty of success while some require a more significant number to make an impact.


Regardless of how many superstars are in a faction, a group's success typically comes down to a few factors. One key factor in a stable's success is the booking of the group, while the other is the chemistry of the members featured. Which members make it into a group is a crucial element in determining its long-term appeal.

Sometimes there are superstars who were wanted for a faction but never made the cut for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reasoning, it can be fun for fans to look back and ponder what might have been if certain wrestlers had joined iconic stables.

Below are four WWE Superstars who were almost added to iconic factions.

#4. Heath Slater wanted Dean Ambrose in WWE's 3MB

McIntyre was in the last segment, Mahal is in the current segment, watch Slater be in the next segment. #3MB reunion imminent! #WWE #RAW

3MB was a lower-card comedy stable in WWE that consisted of Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre. While Jinder and McIntyre have both gone on to greater success, the stable was a fun break from more serious factions, offering comedic relief.

Surprisingly, however, two other members were considered for the group, including a top star. Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre spoke about possible members of the group during an interview with Faction 919. You can check out his comments below:

"He [Heath Slater] wanted a group and they decided we're gonna give you that group... He started making suggestions of individuals he felt that would suit that role, like Fandango before he was Fandango... Jon Moxley, you know today, Dean Ambrose, he's also got a bit of a quirky personality, he could see him as part of it. Those were some of his suggestions."

While Fandango being involved with 3MB makes sense, many would be surprised to hear that Dean Ambrose, now known as Jon Moxley, was pitched for the group. Given how often Moxley tears down his time with WWE, his resentment would likely be considerably more amplified had he been part of this fun but comedic crew.


#3. The British Bulldog was allegedly considered for the New World Order

Wish we had more of The British Bulldog in WCW (1998)

The British Bulldog is an icon in pro wrestling. The late, great Davey Boy Smith rose to prominence as part of The British Bulldogs alongside Dynamite Kid before having great solo success. He was also an intergral member of The Hart Foundation in 1997.

There's a chance, however, that he may not have joined the group. It has long been speculated that The British Bulldog was going to go to World Championship Wrestling in 1996. Had he made the jump, rumor has it that he might have joined the New World Order.


Of course, Bulldog ultimately re-signed with WWE and remained with the promotion until being released following the infamous Montreal Screwjob. Had Davey Boy made the jump and joined the nWo, would someone like The Giant or Virgil have been part of the group? How could the trajectory have changed? Both WCW and WWE would have been considerably different going into 1997.

#2. Former WWE writer Vince Russo wanted Test in D-Generation X

D-Generation X are Hall of Famers

D-Generation X is one of the most infamous factions in wrestling history. Their over-the-top antics pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable on a wrestling program and on television in general. The group had many wrestlers over time, but Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Chyna, Road Dogg, X-Pac, and Billy Gunn are best remembered as the core stars. Still, someone else was almost part of the group.

According to Bruce Prichard on his Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard podcast, Andrew "Test" Martin was considered to join the infamous and edgy stable. The idea allegedly came from the mind of Vince Russo, who saw parallels between Test and Kevin Nash.


While the late Andrew Martin had a fantastic look, there's little indication that he would have fit in well with the group. His personality displayed on screen throughout his career likely wouldn't have meshed well with the silly and sophomoric minds of D-Generation X. Still, he could have worked as a silent but powerful bodyguard.

#1. John Cena was discussed for Evolution

Evolution were a top stable

Evolution was one of the best factions pro wrestling had throughout the 2000s. The group featured Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton with each star fulfilling a unique role. Flair was the veteran, Triple H was the top star, Batista was the muscle, and Randy Orton was the brash up-and-comer.

This wasn't always the definitive lineup for the group, however. Fans know that Mark Jindrak was once considered for the stable, but according to former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, so was John Cena. While on the Kurt Angle Show, Brian had this to say:

"When I say this, I want to point out that this was discussed for maybe under two minutes in a single writer's meeting with Vince, but in a single meeting, in which there were hundreds, if not thousands, of meetings. But, this was during the Jindrak to Randy Orton like, who is going to be the fourth member of Evolution period of time," revealed Gewirtz. "And, I do remember, I don't know if it was me who said it, somebody said it, I might have said it, was, 'What about that John Cena guy joining Evolution?' What if we did that?"

While it wasn't seriously explored, the possibility of Cena in Evolution is interesting to consider. Jim Cornette has compared a heel John Cena to Ric Flair in the past. Could John have gone down that road if paired up with The Nature Boy? The world will never know.

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