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Former WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon shown in his training room. There were some interesting stories about Vince that not many people know about.

5 Surprising and Hilarious Vince McMahon stories you need to know

When talking about Vince McMahon, there are plenty of stories that have floated around for many years. Some of the stories you may have heard, others you may be hearing about for the first time. Interestingly enough, anyone who has ever encountered the former WWE Chairman has a story to tell.

The stories you are about to read can be interpreted as hilarious or even disgusting. Whether you love or hate him, you must respect that he has indeed lived his life to the fullest and enjoyed every second of his time as WWE Chairman.


With that being said, let’s look at the 5 backstage stories about Vince McMahon that you need to know.

#5. Vince McMahon has no clue what a burrito is

Vince McMahon had no earthly idea what a burrito was until the item was used for a storyline involving The Big Show.

This is one Vince story that is hard to believe or imagine. During an interview with PWTorch’s Wade Keller, former WWE Creative Team writer Dan Madigan told the infamous “burrito story”, as the beginning of a tale that surfaced as a storyline element for The Big Show years ago.


Madigan told Keller:

“The whole concept was: ‘We’re going to spike his food, spike the burrito, you cut to a vignette before that showing him eating it, and then he passes out in the ring.’ So, Vince goes, ‘Burrito?! Who the hell knows what a burrito is?’ It was such a far concept. And everyone in the room goes, ‘Well, we know what a burrito is.’ And Vince goes, ‘Well, where the hell have I been?’” (H/T: PWTorch)

To drive home the point, Vince was out of the loop and so tied into the wrestling bubble that a simple food item such as a burrito was a foreign thing to him.

"Vince’s secretary would walk into the office – the writing room – with a burrito. It was a steak-wrap cut in half. And he would put ketchup on it. Every day, he was eating a burrito and not knowing what it was. But, that’s the idea – when you’re in a bubble and in a business where you’re ostracized from society, it’s you and them, that’s it. Everyone else is an outsider, so things like that do make sense in the confines of the wrestling world” (H/T: PWTorch)

Vince loved to eat and one of the byproducts of eating a lot of good food (particularly protein) was passing gas.

#4. The former WWE Chairman loved to pass gas

Vince McMahon loved to fart backstage, and poor Gerald Briscoe was usually in the line of fire.

This story may be disgusting to some or hilarious to others. Vince loves to pass gas at the expense of everyone else around him. Arn Anderson, who spoke about McMahon's bad habit on the ARN podcast, spoke about how Vince would laugh his butt off whenever he passed gas in gorilla position:

“Vince [McMahon] used to fart up in gorilla all the time and it would fill the room,” Anderson said. “He would sit over there, you’d see him, he’s laughing his ass off because everybody was gagging. Gerry Briscoe was big-time gagging who had a sense of stomach. All that protein Vince was eating, you could imagine how bad.” (H/T: Still Real To Us)

There have been other stories told in regards to Vince passing gas, such as the time when Jim Ross would "no sell" his farts during a road trip:

“One time we were driving from Colombus, Ohio to someplace…Watts, Bruce Prichard, and Pat Patterson were in the car behind us, leaving me with Vince," he recalled. Vince, of course, would not allow anybody else to drive but him, which is cool. I don’t mind riding shotgun." (H/T: Wrestlingnews.co).

Ross talked about how the former WWE Chairman had fun passing gas and also got stopped by state police at one point for running down the cones on the street.

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Vince McMahon can't stand people who can’t control their sneezes but doesn’t have a problem with farting. Go figure.

#3. Vince got drunk and urinated on a WWE Hall of Famer's bed


2002 – First ever #WWE draft took place on Raw as the roster was split in two between Ric Flair controlling #WWERaw and Vince McMahon with #SmackDown. youtu.be/iSkrSVRHLpg

Mr. McMahon can be an intimidating individual behind the scenes. However, there were those moments when he just wanted to be “one of the boys” and loved to have fun.

McMahon got drunk at a strip club with various WWE Superstars such as Hulk Hogan, Bret and Owen Hart, etc. Bret Hart, during his interview with Inside the Ropes, went into detail about how Vince got so wasted that he urinated on Ric Flair’s bed at his hotel suite:

"I remember, I don't know how [they got in], I think it was Curt Hennig to be honest, whenever someone had to go to the bathroom, they started peeing on the king-size bed in Flair's room, and somehow it was to get back at Ric Flair. I'm not sure how. It was like a rib." H/T: WrestlingInc)

This was also the same scenario where McMahon was on the receiving end of a “Doomsday Device” from Hawk and Animal at a strip club prior to this situation happening.

#2. The former CEO got one of his employees "arrested" for illegal gambling

Vince McMahon and Jonathan Coachman were terrific villains on screen, but behind the scenes, Vince had the last laugh on "The Coach" in this unforgettable rib.

Vince McMahon loves to play practical jokes on people and could be a notorious ribber if he is in a jovial mood. WWE Executive Bruce Prichard spoke about the time he got Jonathan Coachman “arrested” for illegal gambling on the "Something to Wrestle With" podcast.


The story goes that Coachman was a part of a football betting pool that he was in charge of raising and collecting the funds for. Gerald Briscoe came up with the idea to prank The Coach by having him arrested.

Vince McMahon caught wind of this and decided to pull off the perfect rib himself by getting Coachman involved in a mock arrest:

"We go to Vince and say, 'Hey, we're doing this football pool," said Briscoe. "'What the f*** is a football pool? You're going swimming? I don't get it.' He then says OK do it, and everyone starts putting their two cents in. We literally set up this elaborate deal for them to go, 'Excuse me Jonathan Coachman, yeah, you're under arrest." (H/T: WrestlingInc)

Prichard added how McMahon embarrassed Coachman even further by having a napkin placed over the cuffs as he was escorted out of the arena and into the cop car.


McMahon clearly has a mischievous side that people publicly rarely get to see.

#1. He attempted to shutdown a UFC show

Vince McMahon didn't like the idea that Dana White had UFC's "The Ultimate Fighter" airing after RAW on Monday nights.

Vince McMahon loves competition and sees every form of entertainment as such. It’s no surprise that Vince wanted to make sure that he and WWE were always on top, even if it came at the expense of other organizations.


Chael Sonnen spoke about the time that Vince McMahon attempted to sabotage the UFC during his podcast: “You’re Welcome with Chael Sonnen”. As the story goes, UFC was running their hit series: “The Ultimate Fighter” after WWE Monday Night RAW. He took offense to this and felt the UFC show was hurting his product.

Chael said:

“So, Vince is saying to Dana privately, ‘Why would anybody watch my scripted show when they can just wait till it’s over to watch your real show? Stop advertising to my audience.’ And Dana shot with him and goes, ‘Vince, I’m on Spike, you’re on Spike. That’s where it ends. Who Spike decides to run the marketing and the advertising and to piggyback off of, man, it’s got nothing to do with me. And Vince again puts it on Dana and says, ‘Do not advertise your show during my show again.” (H/T: IWNerd)

Chael added that Vince McMahon attempted to buyout announcer Mike Goldberg for a no-call, no-show as a way to prevent the show from happening but to no avail.

White refused Vince McMahon's offer. Instead of being angered by his tactics, he gained a greater respect for him. This maneuver taught Dana White to be more ruthless and aggressive in his own tactics.

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