Will former superstar Sable ever be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame?

Why isn't Sable in the WWE Hall of Fame? Finding out if Brock Lesnar is the reason

Sable's induction to the WWE Hall of Fame has been a topic of interest for a while now, with some wondering if Brock Lesnar's presence is the one hindering it. However, it looks like there might be other factors at play.

Brock Lesnar has previously shared how he wanted Sable to leave WWE before marrying her. Although the 55-year-old's departure from the company may have been influenced by her husband, there's no direct indication that she has not been inducted into the Hall of Fame because of him. Sable also had her own issues with the Stamford-based promotion.


The 55-year-old joined the company in 1996 alongside former husband and WWE Superstar Marc Mero. She then later began competing inside the ring as well, even winning the then WWF Women's Championship in 1998 against Jacqueline. She dropped the title the following year and left WWE.

However, in 1999, she sued the company for alleged sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. The former superstar filed a $110 million lawsuit against the promotion but settled out of court after reducing her asking price.

Surprisingly, she returned to WWE in 2003, where she had a notable partnership with Vince McMahon and a feud with Torrie Wilson. The former superstar left the company for the second time in 2004, this time on better terms.

Given Sable's rocky relationship with the Stamford-based promotion, it's no wonder why a future WWE Hall of Fame induction might be hazy. In recent years, it looks like the former star's relationship with the company hasn't improved, as her name is forbidden from being mentioned.


Wrestling Legend believes Sable should be in the WWE Hall of Fame

The former Women's Champion has been one of the most recognizable wrestling figures of the past. She may not have had a lot of matches or spent a lot of time inside the ring, but her run was surely still memorable. Her not being inducted into the Hall of Fame has not only been questioned by some fans but also by legends in the sport.

In an episode of Foley is Pod, Mick Foley shared that the former superstar's contributions during the Attitude Era should earn her a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

"Sable undoubtedly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame," Mick Foley said. "I think it's just a matter of when and if, but definitely, she was one of the most over women of her generation."

It remains to be seen if the former Women's Champion will ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. However, it looks like that may not happen anytime in the immediate future.

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