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Sable was a model long before she ever came to WWE. When she finally did, it was just

around the beginning of the Attitude Era, when there was a change in the sort of

programming that WWE put out.

Sable was first involved in a feud with then-husband Marc Mero and Triple H. She would join

Mero and escort him out on occasion.

WWE’s Leading Woman:

Sable was the face of the Women’s Division during the Attitude Era in WWE. Her wrestling

ability was lacking and she made up for it with sex-appeal.

In 1998, Sable would become the Women’s Champion and would begin her reigns in the

WWE. With Evening Gown Matches and Bikini Contests aplenty, she would also be the

cover girl for Playboy during this time.

Sable would become the WWE Women’s Champion. Instead of actually wrestling much

herself, she hired Nicole Bass who would do most of the rough work for Sable.


Sable and WWE had issues, with Sable suing the company for sexual harassment. She

would however, return to WWE in 2003.

When she returned she was put in a relationship with Mr McMahon, in a segment where she

was Mr McMahon’s mistress. She left WWE a short time later in 2004.

Sable married fellow WWE wrestler, Brock Lesnar

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