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  • Ghostly Encounters, Terrifying Sleep Paralysis - 5 times WWE Superstars have been stuck in scary real-life situations
Dolph Ziggler and Alexa Bliss have been involved in some horrifying, scary real-life situations.

Ghostly Encounters, Terrifying Sleep Paralysis - 5 times WWE Superstars have been stuck in scary real-life situations

WWE Superstars are just like you and me, we are all human at the end of the day and go through everyday life experiences. Wrestlers are often perceived as these invincible, larger-than-life characters who seem unstoppable and can do anything. However, in reality, bad things happen to wrestlers too.

While on the road or in the comfort of their home, these Superstars experienced some very crazy, creepy, and downright spooky situations. Some situations can’t be explained, while other situations were unforeseen and terrifying.


Today, we take a closer look at 5 times WWE Superstars have been stuck in scary real-life situations.

#5. Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre’s urban legend

"The only countdown you need to worry about is 3... 2... 1... Lights out!"

@DMcIntyreWWE | #SmackDown

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is a huge fan of the paranormal. There is one story that he likes to tell that involved him and two friends who lived in an apartment in Scotland. The Scottish Psychopath would explain during an interview with Mike Johnson of PWInsider how he saw a ghostly apparition:

“I am a fan of the paranormal. The story I always tell happened to two friends from Scotland who lived together in an apartment. I spoke to one of them and he told me that one night he woke up and he saw a woman in the room. His face was a bit spooky, blurry. When he noticed, he panicked and ran into the living room with his partner, who was studying, while shouting: 'I think I saw a ghost!' Since that night they saw apparitions every night.” [H/T: Superluchas]

The WWE Superstar added that he also saw a ghost appear next to his friend and was holding a baby in her arms. When McIntyre told him the story, he was spooked so much that he decided to move out.

After doing some research, he learned that the place they lived in used to be a hospital for young children, particularly babies, during the war.

#4. Sonya Deville’s stalker incident

Sonya DeVille confronting you.

One of the most publicized scary real-life incidents came in August 2020, as WWE Superstar Sonya Deville had a horrifying incident involving a stalker. A man had broken into her home while she and Mandy Rose were asleep.

The security alarm went off in her home and they found the man on Sonya’s back porch. They ran away from the house as the man started to walk in their direction. The authorities came just in time to make the arrest.

Deville would comment on the scary situation a year later on the Pat McAfee Show:

"It's been a crazy ride and you never know something like that is gonna happen until it happens. And you don't know how you're gonna feel about something like that happening until it happens. I'll just say, the day of, I was like, 'Oh, everything's fine. I'm gonna go sleep in my house tonight.' And then by the time nightfall came I was – like, couldn't even drive to the neighborhood. So, it's crazy." [H/T: Wrestling Inc.]

The man was charged with aggravated stalking, attempted armed kidnapping, armed burglary of a dwelling, and criminal mischief.


#3. Dolph Ziggler’s never-ending nightmare

Dolph Ziggler -

Roman all the people you have beaten may have acknowledged you… but I am that guy who will get back up after every move you hit on me… I am that guy who will beat you at Survivor Series and I am that guy who will punch you in the face… RIGHT NOW!!

WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler tells the story of how he had a bad nightmare that seemed to never end. When he was four years old, he recalled how a demon would come out of the closet to scare him.

Ziggler recalled the story with WWE on a series called: “Superstar Ghost Stories”:

“When I was four years old, I used to wake up in the middle of the night because I dreamed that my closet would open and a demon would come out of it. I had this dream over and over again, and I think on the seventh or eighth chance I told my parents, so they let me have a bat by my bedside and we put a crucifix in front of the closet. I was afraid to go to sleep, but nothing happened”. [H/T: Superluchas]

Ziggler would continue the story, stating that when he fell asleep, the closet door was open as he claimed to have seen the devil standing there. He looked for the bat that he kept next to his bed, but before he could grab it, the figure was gone.

When the WWE Superstar woke up the next morning, the closet door was wide, and the crucifix was on the floor. That would be the last time he would sleep in that room.

#2. A young child had a seizure during Alexa Bliss’ flight

#Throwback to 2017 ("No Mercy" promo) @AlexaBliss_WWE

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WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss was on a flight recently and spoke about how she encountered a small child who experienced a bad seizure. Bliss spoke about the scary situation below on her Twitter page:

"Just landed from a flight - very scary Situation happened. Very young child had a seizure & was not responding - thank you to the medical professionals on the plane who helped the child & kept him safe until we landed. Thank you," tweeted Bliss.

Here is hoping the child is okay and all is well with the family.

#1. Kayla Braxton’s horrifying sleep paralysis

Analyst and host of WWE’s The Bump, Kayla Braxton, spoke about how she experienced a horrifying case of sleep paralysis. She explained the ordeal on her Twitter page:

"I’ve had sleep paralysis since I was a kid. Last night, a little girl ran in front of me before plopping on my bed. She just stared at me. I could hear her footsteps and feel her move. It was so real. But I couldn’t move or speak til I forced myself to sit up - then she was gone," tweeted Braxton.

These types of situations are terrifying, to say the least, as many people who have experienced sleep paralysis lose the ability to move or speak temporarily.

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