"I couldn't move" - WWE SmackDown announcer Kayla Braxton opens up about her terrifying medical condition

WWE SmackDown announcer & co-host of The Bump Kayla Braxton
WWE SmackDown announcer & co-host of The Bump Kayla Braxton

WWE SmackDown backstage announcer Kayla Braxton has revealed a recurring condition that has affected her since childhood.

Braxton joined the company in 2016 and debuted as a ring announcer for NXT. She appeared at her first premium live event at Backlash 2017. The 31-year-old exited NXT in 2019 and currently hosts WWE's The Bump and acts as a backstage interviewer on the blue brand.

Kayla took to Twitter this morning to reveal that she's suffered from sleep paralysis since she was a child. The condition is defined as the temporary inability to move or sleep while falling asleep or upon waking. The SmackDown announcer described a scary incident she experienced last night due to the condition:

"I’ve had sleep paralysis since I was a kid. Last night, a little girl ran in front of me before plopping on my bed. She just stared at me. I could hear her footsteps and feel her move. It was so real. But I couldn’t move or speak til I forced myself to sit up - then she was gone."

The WWE Univere reacts to Kayla's condition

The wrestling world reacted to Kayla's experience with sleep paralysis and many related the incident to their own experiences. One fan said that he used to get it all the time but it had been years since he had an episode.

Another member of the WWE Universe claimed that they saw an old lady staring at them while going through an episode of sleep paralysis. The wrestling fan noted that they fell asleep during Dora the Explorer and all they could hear was the character Dora asking them questions.

A Twitter user joked that at least she will have great stories to tell around the campfire moving forward.

WWE has undergone a ton of backstage changes as of late and the reaction has been mostly positive. Kayla Braxton disclosed her opinion on the backstage changes in the company and you can check that out here.

Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? Let us know in the comments section below.

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