10 Angels in Dragon Ball Super, ranked based on strength

All the Angels from Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)
All the Angels from Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)

The Angels are a relatively new addition to Dragon Ball, having only been introduced via Super. Despite this, there are already more than 10 powerful Angels in the series.

Among Dragon Ball fans, it's common knowledge that the Angel race is stronger than any other character in the DBS universe, albeit with the exception of Zeno and his guards.

Every universe's Angel in Dragon Ball is automatically the strongest being, followed by their God of Destruction. While these benign beings possess power that can literally obliterate anything that comes their way, they're mostly seen gently mentoring their respective universes' God of Destruction.

Here are the 10 most powerful angels in Dragon Ball.

Note: This ranking of Angels in Dragon Ball Super is based on their overall strength in regard to the trained universes. Their strengths relative to the universal combatants and mortal levels from the Universe Survival Saga save for one, have also been considered. Spoilers are present for Dragon Ball Super.

10 strongest Angels in the world of Dragon Ball Super, in order of weakest to strongest

10) Merus - Trainee and Galactic Patrolman

Dragon Ball's Jaco and Merus (Image via V Jump)
Dragon Ball's Jaco and Merus (Image via V Jump)

Merus is the first real Angel the audience meets that isn’t accompanying a God of Destruction. He’s on this list because of his Trainee status. Meaning, he’s not a full fledged Angel despite having a good amount of power behind him.

Though he’s the weakest, he’s still considered the strongest among The Galactic Patrol, as seen when he taught Goku how to access Ultra Instinct Sign and tossed him around even at SS3. He was briefly able to take on Moro and even overcome him at points.

The problem is that even with all of this, he burned himself out by using his true divine powers and faded from existence. Whilst he was revived later, it was as a mortal and all his angel capacities were henceforth removed.

9) Mohito - Dragon Ball Universe 9's beast handler and first to be eliminated in the Tournament of Power

Mojito smiling as his universe is wiped out in Dragon Ball ToP (Image via Toei Animation)
Mojito smiling as his universe is wiped out in Dragon Ball ToP (Image via Toei Animation)

This one is a bit of a controversial take, considering that the beast team was able to match Universe 7 (Goku’s universe) pound for pound in the Zeno Expo. However, just because they were able to do great one on one doesn’t mean anything in a free-for-all battle.

There’s also the fact that he seemed to detest his universe’s inability to gather good fighters and seemed pleased in the anime that his universe was destroyed.

This, however, appears to have been an act as he was pleased at Android 17’s selfless wish of reviving the universes. Beyond that, there's not much to say about him aside from his universe being the first to be erased.

8) Kusu - Universe 10's healer and the second universe to be eliminated

Kusu being saddened as her universe is erased (Image via Toei Animation)
Kusu being saddened as her universe is erased (Image via Toei Animation)

In Dragon Ball, Kusu is the teacher and attendant to the elephant like God of Destruction Rumsshi, as well as the oldest child of the Grand Minister. This is about as much as what’s known about her, aside from her being the most emotional (she was saddened by the loss of her universe) and quite fun of the deities.

All fully-fledged Angels have Ultra Instinct Perfected on and alight at all times. The only reason why she’s this low is because hers was the second universe to be destroyed in the tournament 10 minutes in. Though they weren’t exactly slouches, as Gohan had to push into Potential Unleashed to power through the last warrior’s punches. She also had healing powers which were apparently superb.

7) Camparri - Universe 3’s mechanical interpreter

Camparri in Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)
Camparri in Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)

Camparri seemed rather scared about the turn of events as the tournament continued, even with the mechanical marvels doing their best to continue fighting on.

Curiously, there’s two different fates for Universe 3s erasure. The first one was erased by Kale easily in the manga. The second being their trump card fusion Agnillasa being involved in a beam struggle with all of the rest of Universe 7, with Andriod 17 coming in clutch!

The reason he is so low is because it was the third universe to be eliminated.

6) Cognac - Universe 4’s quiet one

Cognac the quiet in Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)
Cognac the quiet in Dragon Ball Super (Image via Toei Animation)

Same deal as Camparri, not much known except for him being the quiet one. Only thing was that it took the rest of the Z warriors: Roshi, Piccolo, Vegeta, Cabba going SS2, to eliminate his team. Other than that? Not much to say.

He gets this spot for his warriors, giving the rest of the Z fighters and Cabba something to focus on, at least they went all out.

5) Sour - of Universe 2 aka the Idol Universe

Sour looking sour during Dragon Ball ToP (Image via Toei Animation)
Sour looking sour during Dragon Ball ToP (Image via Toei Animation)

So, the idol universe Angel. One of the main ones to constantly survive and come out swinging and surprising. This was one of the highlights of the Dragon Ball Super tournament. The juxtaposition between the idols, who very obviously were magical girls in all but name, and Sour being…well, sour at everything.

Universe 2 had one of the longest lasting and most entertaining showings of the non Saiyan universes. They also proved to be more than a match for Universe 7 and if that doesn’t say something, nothing more will.

4) Marcarita - Universe 11’s arrogant Angel

Dragon Ball's Marcarita scheming (Image via Toei Animation)
Dragon Ball's Marcarita scheming (Image via Toei Animation)

The arrogant angel of Universe 11, Marcarita makes the list purely because of her own fighters. Top, in particular, being God of Destruction level and material…and Jiren, being his own bag of tricks and power. It’s strongly implied, though never clarified, that she has more power than him.

So why is she at number 4? Simply put, there are no demonstrations of her power like Whis or Vados. Having more power than the most powerful person doesn’t quite cut someone out to be on top, unless someone shows it.

3) Whis - Universe 7's prankster?

Whis, the one the audience knows best besides Vados, has been Beerus’ teacher and admonisher for millennia. While everyone in the heavenly realm is super powerful, Whis takes the cake for it all.

Being able to match Moro with a finger, dodge Goku and easily match Broly even in his Super state, negating Ki, warping and temporal warping, there are a lot of different other techniques including his temporal do-over.

2) Vados - Universe 6’s patient guardian.


Patience puts it mildly when someone like Champa is the God of Destruction for a universe! She and Whis have been trying to keep both Champa and Beerus on even keels for centuries.

Vados has a collection of powers more than the other Angels on this list, including being able to see into other universes (or at least across vast distances), rewinding time, destroying a planet with a tap of her staff, carry the super dragon balls, and knocking out Champa with a single blow to the neck. She’s also implied to have more power than Whis, but it’s been more than a millennium since they sparred.

1) Grand Minister - Assistant to the Grand Zeno

Yep. The Grand Minister. Assistant to Zeno who surpasses everyone else, stopped two Gods of Destruction and even had Zamasu concerned! He’s leagues above Whis and Vados.

He conjured the ring that they’d use for the tournament, grabbed all the gods and participants to the Null Realm, can revive people even if they were erased, and can eradicate beings from existence, and remove traits from beings. There’s a reason he’s just below both Zenos.

Note: The list is based on the author's opinions.