The Dragon Ball Super character who could beat every God universe’s God of Destruction 

The mortal stronger than gods. (Image courtesy: Toei Animationtion)
The mortal stronger than gods. (Image courtesy: Toei Animationtion)

Jiren is considered one of the strongest characters in the world of Dragon Ball. He first made his appearance as the main antagonist of the Tournament of Power arc. Jiren stood in the way of Goku and his friends as they strived to win the competition to ensure the survival of their universe.

As one of Dragon Ball’s most powerful, Jiren’s strength surpasses even that of a God of Destruction. This possibly makes him the strongest known mortal in the multiverse. Needless to say, defeating Jiren is quite a difficult task.


As the Dragon Ball Super manga continues and new audiences are drawn towards the anime, new perspectives are added to the Dragon Ball fandom every day. Questions like "who could beat whom", "who is the most powerful non-Saiyan?" arise. Another pertinent question is regarding who is capable of beating Universal Survival Saga’s archvillain, Jiren, and who can’t.

Who can’t defeat Jiren in Dragon Ball Super?

In Dragon Ball Super, Jiren is a God tier character, undefeated at this point. There’s an arsenal of characters who Jiren has defeated or can easily defeat. One such character is Golden Frieza. Being one of the most powerful individuals in Universe Seven makes him on par with Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form.

Golden Frieza and Android 17 were even able to deal Jiren the finishing blow during the Tournament of Power. However, this was only because Jiren was at his wit’s end. Had he been at full power, Golden Frieza would not have stood a chance.


Then there is Broly. He is a Saiyan from Universe Seven who grew up on Planet Vamp. Being a legend in Dragon Ball Super, Broly’s powers are exceptionally higher than the average Saiyan. However, when it came to his fight against Gogeta, Broly struggled. This is why Jiren could undoubtedly defeat him.

Xenoverse 2: Jiren vs Broly story mode is coming!

There is also Gohan, the son of Goku. With his tremendous potential, Gohan was once known as one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super. However, as time went on, he slacked on his training and that made him considerably weaker. Given that this places him far below Jiren’s power level, it’s safe to assume that he cannot defeat Jiren. Matter of fact, Jiren can probably defeat him within a few minutes.

Who could possibly beat Jiren?

There might be some characters who could defeat Jiren in Dragon Ball Super, although very few. Some of these characters have shown incredible prowess. The first of such characters is Whis. Whis is the Angel Attendant of Universe Seven’ God of Destruction, Beerus. He is easily the strongest in Universe Seven, with his strength going beyond that of even Beerus.

Whis knows Ultra Instinct, which makes his skills surpass that of even Goku. He can likely destroy anything and anyone he wants, including Jiren. Although Jiren’s strength is more than a God of Destruction, he is nowhere near the power level of an Angel.


Vados is another character who can probably beat Jiren. In Dragon Ball Super, Vados is one of the Angel attendants of the God of Destruction of Universe Six. She is even known to be stronger than Whis, helping him with his training to become stronger. With this in mind, there is no way Jiren can defeat Vados. Should they fight, Vados would definitely emerge victorious.

While this is not definitive of characters who have potential against Jiren in Dragon Ball, the Grand Priest definitely deserved to be mentioned. He is the father of all Angels as well as the strongest of his race at this point in time. Even his children are known to be powerful enough to defeat the Gods of Destruction. The fact that the Grand Priest far surpassed his children means that Jiren would not stand a chance.

Final thoughts

Having not seen the Grand Priest fight, a definitive conclusion cannot be drawn. However, it’s certain that his level is something that the Dragon Ball fandom may not even be able to comprehend.

goku getting trained by the grand priest is definitely something super should do at the end of the show's run.

Despite Jiren’s incredible feats he achieved and the long list of characters he can defeat, there are still worthy adversaries for him. Regardless, Jiren is a character that the Dragon Ball fandom loves to see in action.

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