10 anime couples whose chemistry is beyond perfect 

Love can heal all wounds (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Love can heal all wounds (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Being an anime couple whose chemistry is beyond perfect is a remarkable achievement. Sometimes, anime series tend to feature truly lovely couples who go beyond the narrative.

Some relationships start off relatively simple while others spiral into complete degeneracy. However, despite all the drawbacks, the characters still end up together.

The simplest explanation for this would be chemistry. No matter how much trouble they get in, these couples will stand the test of time.

Anime couples with great chemistry, including Naruto and Hinata

1) Inuyasha and Kagome - Inuyasha


Inuyasha and Kagome's love bloomed in the sweetest of ways across the anime's timeline. Their love is akin to a burning flame that refuses to be extinguished.

They will fight and die for one another, even if it means their destruction. Sometimes their arguments got the better of them, but underneath it all, they understood one another.

2) Naruto and Hinata - Naruto


Naruto and Hinata's relationship is akin to the sunshine. They light up each other's presence when darkness comes closing in. Their relationship is healthy and happy. Their fumbling romance came to a head in The Last: Naruto the Movie, where they set out on a journey to rescue her sister.

Their legacy will be set in stone, and their bloodlines may become the most powerful in the oncoming years. It may have taken him years to understand her love, but when he did, it fulfilled her heartfelt desire.

3) Miyuki and Kaguya - Kaguya Sama Love is War

Miyuki and Kaguya are in love, but their pride forces them apart in the strangest of ways. No one can be as riveting as these love birds. Miyuki is a hard worker while Kaguya is a wealthy prodigy. Therefore, their love resembles a heiress pursuing a poor man who's her equal in everything but wealth.

Their pride resembles their iron-like grip on their emotions, yet their hearts flutter in vain. Their romantic war is only the beginning of several misunderstandings.

4) Zero and Yuuki - Vampire Knight


Zero and Yuuki are a couple which could best be described as gray. The darkness that consumed them was only offset by Yuuki's bright but dimming personality. He sought to destroy her, but he just couldn't go through with it.

Zero used to find comfort in her light, but when she was tainted, so was his vision of her. Still, he died to protect her, but their love could never truly survive.

5) Kaname and Yuuki - Vampire Knight


Kaname and Yuuki were a couple shrouded in twilight in the anime. She couldn't accept his darkness so she ran back to the sunlight, but she still craved it. Kaname was too morally corrupt for her to handle.

They may have been doomed from the start, but their love would haunt them for the rest of their lives. In the end, she gives up her life for him, and he doesn't remember a thing.

6) Vegeta and Bulma - Dragon Ball


Vegeta and Bulma were not the couple that anyone ever expected. Vegeta was a power-hungry warrior who wished to defeat his rival Goku, while Bulma was a simple woman who adored him.

Bulma serves as part of his redemption in every sense of the word. She stands by him even in his darkest hours, and he comes to appreciate her. Vegeta, a ruthless fighter consumed by darkness, is rendered smitten by her beauty and charm.


7) Goku and Chi Chi - Dragon Ball


Goku and Chi-Chi are the epitome of whirlwind relationships in anime. Their amourous feelings blossomed during Goku's vigorous training regime while she was a princess. Their feelings for each other were quite obvious and they tied the knot until hundreds of chapters later.

Their love transcends planets and nothing can tear them apart. Love has certainly saved them more times than they count in the long run.

8) Winry and Edward - Fullmetal Alchemist


Winry and Edward have been through so much together in the anime. From having his limbs replaced to facing dastardly villains, their love has been building since childhood.

Their frequent arguments don't deter them in the slightest from pursuing each other. In fact, it emboldens them. Winry always supports his endeavors, but she will call him out if necessary. He may argue for the sake of pride, but he truly appreciates her.

9) Sasuke and Sakura - Naruto


Their relationship is a strange one. In the first iteration, Sasuke virtually ignored her for much of the anime until they were attacked in the Chunnin Exams. When he leaves, Sakura begs for him to stay, but her love couldn't keep him. He cared about her that never stopped him from trying to cut off her blood supply.

Their relationship is more like a dark love story coming to life. It could have ended in tragedy, but like a dead horse, they kept beating it until it came back to life. Even when Sasuke tried to murder her, she returned to his life with forgiveness.

10) Mikasa and Eren - Attack on Titan


Their contrasting personalities help them embrace who they are as the years go on. Their shared tragedies are the tenets of their relationship in the anime.

The darkness that shrouds the earth can do nothing but lie in wait until they fail for all they fought for. The Titans have attempted to kill every good thing in their lives, yet their companionship is currently keeping them afloat.