5 strongest Demon Slayer characters ranked

Some of the strongest characters in Demon Slayer (Image via Ufotable)
Some of the strongest characters in Demon Slayer (Image via Ufotable)

Demon Slayer is one of the most trending anime and manga series as of now. Ever since the completion of the manga, fans were quick to come up with a tier list of the strongest characters from Demon Slayer.

The show offers a wide range of characters with respect to traits, power levels, techniques and combat prowess. This article explores some of the strongest characters in Demon Slayer .

Note: This article contains spoilers from the manga.

Top 5 strongest characters from Demon Slayer

5) Douma

Some of the Demon Slayer fans might argue that Douma is weaker than Akaza. But, we need to understand the fact that Douma was unable to regrow his head due to the poison crafted by the insect Hashira, Shinobu. Unlike Akaza, he wanted to regrow his head, and if he could, it might have been a little too much for the Demon Slayer Corps to deal with. He’s an Upper Moon 2 whose cryokinetic blood demon art can overwhelm the likes of a Hashira.

4) Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima is the strongest Hashira in Demon Slayer who specializes in Stone Breathing technique. Unlike his appearance, he is quite soft-spoken and gentle with those who speak to him.

His abilities were acknowledged by none other than Kokousgibo himself, which shows the extent of his combat prowess. Despite being fatigued, he was able to constantly pressurize and drive Muzan, the strongest demon, into a corner. He is one of the strongest characters in Demon Slayer.

3) Kokushibo

Kokushibo is the older brother of Yoriichi, the first person to develop the breathing technique in Demon Slayer. Kokushibo is the Upper Moon 1 who is responsible for turning Zenitsu’s senior into one of the Upper Moon demons.

Kokushibo developed Moon breathing, which kept some of the strongest Hashiras at bay. In addition, he can awaken the Demon Slayer mark since he trained under Yoriichi.

2) Kibutsuji Muzan

Kibutsuji Muzan is, without a doubt, one of the strongest characters in Demon Slayer. He is the first ever demon to have existed and constantly proved to be a problem for the Demon Slayer Corps.

While fighting, he takes on another form which enhances all of his abilities; powerful enough to take on five Hashiras, Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu at the same time. His Blood Demon Art gives him biokinetic powers allowing him to shape-shift and alter the way his body is structured. He can even use his blood to create sharp projectiles that can be lethal.

1) Yoriichi Tsukiguni

He is the only person in Demon Slayer who could single-handedly take on Muzan. He was a prodigy, born with the Demon Slayer mark, Transparent World and Selfless State.

He had the ability to turn the color of his Nichirin Katana to bright red; that could stop Muzan’s near-perfect regeneration for a brief period of time. He is the creator of the breath of the Sun. Its thirteenth form, a repetition of the previous 12 forms, was designed to kill Muzan. Each strike would destroy one of his vital organs, thereby destroying all of his seven hearts and five brains. He is the strongest character in Demon Slayer.