6 most hated Dragon Ball characters of all time

Some of the most hated characters in this series (image via Toei Animation)
Some of the most hated characters in this series (image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball is one of the most successful anime and manga series of all time. This series has been continuing since 1984, and many characters were introduced during the series.

While the fan base adores some characters, some have been hated due to their actions and character traits. This article has compiled a list of characters from Dragon Ball that are hated by fans.

Note: The list was left to the opinions of the writer.

Some of the most hated characters in Dragon Ball

6) Goku

The Dragon Ball community is quite divisive over this because many fans love Goku, while a good number dislike him. According to fans, he was a character that was only obsessed with combat and didn’t have much character development. Some fans also believe that he showed very little remorse when the universes were erased, when he should have since he had a role to play in the erasure.

5) Zeno

The Omni King, Zeno from Dragon Ball, is not a fan-favorite due to many reasons. People don’t like the fact that he’s committed mass genocide and showed no remorse when doing so. Another set of fans also believes that his destroying Trunk’s universe was not justified. For someone who rules over the multiverse and governs it, he is quite unpredictable, which can cause a lot of problems.

4) Babidi

This character in Dragon Ball is selfish and is the type of person who would do anything to achieve their goals. He is merciless and enjoys wreaking havoc, and there are no qualities or traits that the fan base likes. He is also a coward who even kills his followers. Fans believe he is far more malevolent than Frieza.

3) Frost

This character is quite similar to Frieza and is hated by the Dragon Ball community. He will cheat in any way possible to achieve his goals. He is extremely evil and would deceive people without remorse towards the harm he causes. Frost definitely is one of the most hated characters in the series.

2) Frieza

Frieza was one of the main antagonists in the Dragon Ball series. He was evil. Fans feared when he was first introduced in the series. Especially when Frieza's limbs were cut off, fans did not understand why he tried to continue the fight when he could barely move. Frieza starts a fight on Earth, gets humiliated, and proceeds to run back to his planet to bring his father. This is something that fans did not like about Frieza.

1) Ribrianne

This character in Dragon Ball is not only hated for her transformation but also because of the amount of screen time she got. There were a good number of filler episodes because of her. Fans believed she enjoyed a good amount of screen time when other characters were more deserving of it. Fans also found her to be extremely irritating throughout the series.

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