7 anime ‘To Your Eternity’ lovers should explore

Fushi, Marquia, Tomori Nao and Kiriyama Rei (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fushi, Marquia, Tomori Nao and Kiriyama Rei (Image via Sportskeeda)

To Your Eternity is a series like no other, weaving together themes of departure and loss into Fushi’s endless journey as an immortal who falls in love with the world and all the people he meets.

The anime's first season left fans hoarding tissues to wipe away their tears and intently waiting for season 2. But Season 2 is still a while away, set for a fall 2022 release. This article dives into eight anime like To Your Eternity that fans should explore in the meantime.

These anime have similar themes, moods or plotlines as

To Your Eternity

1) Charlotte


Charlotte is an anime that begins in a way that is slightly similar to To Your Eternity. While the comet Charlotte is not a sentient creature like Fushi, it does awaken abilities in pre-adolescent human children, which mimics a reverse-isekai structure. Charlotte also has an emotional storyline, dealing with death and loss while connecting with new people along the way.

2) Violet Evergarden


Violet Evergarden is a must-watch for To Your Eternity lovers. The series may not have any supernatural elements, but the initially distant and emotionless story.

Violet slowly learning to feel as she yearns to understand the sentiment of love is similar to Fushi learning to be human as he falls in love with the world and its people.

3) Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms


Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms is an anime movie similar to To Your Eternity on several levels. Both stories follow an immortal character who forms connections with humans around them and mourns their loss when they lose them. Fushi and Marquia also explore themes of loneliness, making viewers wonder if immortality is a boon or a curse.

4) A Silent Voice


The predecessor to To Your Eternity, A Silent Voice was Oima Yoshitoki’s first manga, critically acclaimed for its poignant portrayal of bullying, self-worth issues and depression.

Following Ishida Shoya and Nishimiya Shoko, the story is more relatable than Fushi’s immortal journey but just as heartbreaking. The cathartic note it ends on makes it especially beautiful, even if the viewer is still left blinking back tears.

5) March Comes In Like a Lion


March Comes in Like a Lion is another series with themes of loneliness, depression and forming connections. The anime follows Kiriyama Rei as he navigates life as a high school loner and a professional shogi player. While it does not have supernatural or isekai elements, both series encapsulate the essence of life.

6) Claymore


Claymore is a slightly unusual addition to this list, being much more action-heavy than To Your Eternity. But both series follow protagonists who are hybrid entities. While Fushi is a non-human entity that assumes a deceased young boy, Clare is a human-yoma hybrid who has her humanity taken from her.

Despite being a sci-fi action series, Claymore is also emotionally charged, drawing viewers into the story.

7) Mushishi


The series moves leisurely, following Ginko as he travels the countryside studying strange living organisms called “mushi.”

Sometimes the mushi causes strange phenomena affecting humans around them. Ginko uses his expertise to deal with mushi while maintaining that these creatures aren’t inherently evil, just existing alongside other life forms in nature.

He meets people along the way, learning their stories, sometimes getting attached but moving on as is his role as a wandering traveler.

This list is far from comprehensive and no series is precisely like To Your Eternity either. But all of these series have themes of loneliness and depict the protagonists’ journey, as they experience the ups and downs of life and meet various people along the way.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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