7 most iconic episodes of Cowboy Bebop

Compiling some of the most iconic episodes of Cowboy Bebop (Images via Netflix)
Compiling some of the most iconic episodes of Cowboy Bebop (Images via Netflix)

Cowboy Bebop is a cult classic and one of the most beloved anime series of all time. Its breath-taking visuals, complex characters and a beautifully-constructed dystopian world are some of the reasons for its huge success.

While the anime was released way back in 1998, fans continue to express their love for this series as some of the episodes can be looked at as a commentary on things that are relevant to this day.

Recollecting some of the most memorable and iconic Cowboy Bebop episodes

7) Toys in the Attic


Toys in the Attic was one of those Cowboy Bebop episodes in which the crew members shared their philosophies with the audience. While Jet went on about how one must not forget valuable lessons, Faye’s approach was more on the lines of “survival of the fittest.” However, Spike and Ed’s thoughts weren’t all that deep as they believed in “not leaving things in the fridge” and “follow strangers,” respectively. Spike was finally able to burn the mysterious creature and was reminded of the fridge. The disease caused quite a bit of problems and the ending was a tad bit anticlimactic in the most hilarious way possible.

6) Brain Scratch


Fans absolutely love this episode of Cowboy Bebop, since this episode can serve as a commentary on the current state of affairs with respect to technology and the fear of it gaining control over the human brain. The three characters attempt to nab the culprit of a cyber cult and follow certain clues in order to get to him. This episode featured a huge twist with respect to the origins of Dr. Londes. The doctor talked about how overloading the human brain with information from the television could result in being able to control the brain with “tiny dots of light.”

5) Pierrot Le Fou


This episode of Cowboy Bebop introduced a top-tier villain named Mad Pierrot. He was a manic assassin who was supposed to be one of the creepiest people shown in the series. The flashy carnival visuals were one of the highlights of this episode. The episode gave the fans some insight into Mad Pierrot’s past. Pierrot happened to be a test subject during the Titan War. Spike, however, watched him in pity as he stood up after being shot in the shoulder by the child-like killing machine.

4) Jupiter Jazz Parts 1 and 2


Jupiter Jazz is another set of episodes that were loved by fans of Cowboy Bebop. While the episode revealed the name of Spike’s love interest, Faye escaped with all the money and reached Callisto, a planet devoid of women. She met Gren and was charmed by his looks and his skills in playing the saxophone. It was later revealed that Gren and Viscious were on the same team during the Titan War. This episode featured some high-octane action as Gren fought against Viscious. Gren was gravely injured and wanted Spike to tow his vehicle towards the Titan so he could see it one last time before he died. The solemn jazz music coupled with the weather set the perfect gloomy atmosphere for this episode.

3) Hard Luck Woman


This episode featured a number of bittersweet plotlines as the two best friends, Jet and Spike, get into another argument. This episode was about Ed’s neglectful father and also showcased a rather emotional departure of Ein and Ed. These characters were important as they served as comedic relief in a show that was set in a soft dystopian world. While Faye took off on her own again, the episode ended with Spike and Jet sharing a meal together.

2) Ballad of Fallen Angels


In this episode of Cowboy Bebop, Faye was lured by the Syndicate and Spike made it to the cathedral to save her. He faced off against an old enemy and the tune played by organs perfectly accompanied this standoff. One of the most iconic scenes was featured in this episode. Spike was falling from the top of the cathedral in slow-motion as his mind went through a series of memories from his past showcasing the woman he loved and the bond he once shared with Viscious.

1) The Real Folk Blues Parts 1 and 2


Unfortunately, this isn’t a universe in which all dreams come true. While Spike finally met Julia, their dreams of settling down were instantly snatched by the Syndicate in the most ruthless manner possible. Spike and Jet had their final moments of fun and banter while Faye, who happened to portray her lone wolf mentality, showcased her love for her newfound family. She was quite sad when Spike departed. He was able to defeat Viscious’ gang and ended up killing Viscious as well. However, he was mortally wounded and the haunting hymn of Yamae’s Blue served as a perfect accompaniment for the viewer’s last visuals of Cowboy Bebop.

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