9 Most Powerful Devils in Chainsaw Man, Ranked 

Hell Devil, Control Devil, and Gun Devil (Image via Sportskeeda)
Hell Devil, Control Devil, and Gun Devil (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the Chainsaw Man anime set to premiere in October, fans of the series are on the edge of their seats to finally witness Denji in action. MAPPA recently released their latest trailer for Chainsaw Man, and the gore has stirred the anime community. In the meantime, the Chainsaw Man manga has finally begun its part 2, and we have a new devil amidst us, the War Devil.

Devils in Chainsaw Man are the embodiment of several fears that humanity carries within them. Chainsaw Man part 1 left us with a wide variety of devils, ranging from Bomb Devil to Punishment Devil, all of which were exhilarating to look at.

So, now that we have the War Devil making its debut let’s look at the nine most powerful devils in Chainsaw Man, ranked from weakest to strongest.

Angel Devil and 8 other powerful devils in the Chainsaw Man Universe

9) Doll Devil

the doll devil from chainsaw man is a hans bellmer reference right

The Doll Devil is a stand-out among all the devils appearing in Chainsaw Man. This is because nowhere in the series did we see the Doll Devil. The only thing we know is that the devil was contracted to Santa Claus, and the closest we came to witnessing the Doll Devil's appearance was when it took over Tolka's body in Hell.

While not a lot is known about the Doll Devil, we know that Santa Claus can use its powers to create dolls out of people. This effect is irreversible as the dolls obey the contractor. The effects are also zombie-like, i.e., the effect is contagious and spreads through touch.

These dolls aren't that strong individually but have strength in numbers. Additionally, each of these dolls can transform one of its arms into a blade. The downside to this power is that the contractor must stay close to the dolls to have control over them. Also, the powers aren't effective on fiends and devils.

8) Curse Devil

Curse Devil is a truly terrifying devil as its powers come at a huge price. As its name suggests, the Curse Devil is the embodiment of people's fear of curses. The way it operates also bares a resemblance to Ushi-no-Toki-Mairi, a Japanese cursing ritual. To summon the Curse Devil, the user must stab the target with a nail-shaped knife multiple times.

When the contractor completes the ritual, the Curse Devil manifests into a giant, two-headed skeleton with horns. The right skull resembles that of a human being, while the left skull has three eye slits and sharper teeth.

The Curse Devil makes use of its clawed hands to crush and pick up its target in a cross position, after which the devil mortally wounds them by biting on its target's shoulders and necks.

While this may seem like a strong ability, the contractor has a major drawback. The Curse Devil's powers can only be used in exchange for some of the contractor's lifespan.

7) Angel Devil

Chainsaw Man Facts #13Angel Devil´s appearance are based on the classics angel paintings for the medieval and renaissance times

Angel Devil happens to be one of the most unique devils in Chainsaw Man. He is a pure devil, non-hostile to humans, and works as a Devil Hunter for Tokyo Special Division 4. His immortality and wide range of abilities make him the strongest devil hunter after Kishibe.

While the Angel Devil has no hatred for humanity, he is not sympathetic towards them either. The Devil believes that it is only natural for humans to die painfully.

As for the Angel Devil's abilities, they are simply terrifying. An angel is looked upon as a symbol of hope for humanity. However, the Angel Devil can absorb a person's lifespan by touching them.

In the manga, Aki lost two months of his lifespan by simply grabbing the Angel Devil's hand. The good thing is that the absorbed lifespan does not go to waste, as the Angel Devil can make weapons out of the lifespan. The longer the lifespan absorbed, the stronger the weapon.

6) Hell Devil

Hell Devil (Image via Twitter/@kyudenn)
Hell Devil (Image via Twitter/@kyudenn)

The Hell Devil is the embodiment of people's fear of hell. The Devil first appeared in the manga as a mysterious centaur-like figure in flames. The Devil was contracted to and summoned by the anti-Makima squad and Santa Claus, as they sacrificed their lives in exchange for summoning the devil in its physical form.

It is to be noted how the Hell Devil's strength depends on the number of people who have summoned it.

When the Hell Devil did arrive, Chainsaw Man sliced him up, sending it back to hell. This was when the Hell Devil appeared again, manifesting as a six-fingered hand that picked Chainsaw Man and took him to hell through a doorway. This is a terrifying power as being taken to hell means being around the most powerful devils in existence.

5) Gun Devil

Who's your fav devil from Chainsaw man ? mine's THE GUN DEVIL 😈

Thirteen years before the start of the series, the Gun Devil launched attacks on several parts of the world, killing about 1.2 million people in about five minutes. The Devil was the embodiment of the fear of guns, and its massive number of victims only worsened the fear of Devils all over the world.

The Gun Devil was a terrifying being covered in guns, having insane speed and accuracy to take out countless lives in a small fraction of time. The Devil previously killed Aki's family, causing Aki to devote his life to avenging his family. Unfortunately, Aki later became the Gun Devil fiend and was skewered by Denji.

The one unique thing about the Gun Devil was how its flesh, when eaten by other devils, would infinitely increase their strength.

4) War Devil

not at yoru (war devil) telling asa to be careful with her actions only for asa to do the opposite kakdlskslsls god i love them sm

The War Devil has only recently made its debut in the Chainsaw Man manga. However, its significance in the Chainsaw Man lore pushes it high up the ranks.

In Chainsaw Man part 1, we learned how there were four powerful devils known as the horsemen: Control Devil, War Devil, Hunger Devil, and Death Devil. While Hunger Devil and Death Devil are yet to make their appearance, we do know that all of them have previously fought the Chainsaw Devil and lost.

Currently occupying Mikata Asa's body, the War Devil is planning a war against the Chainsaw Devil as it looks forward to having the Chainsaw Devil vomit the Nuclear Weapons Devil it had previously eaten. This is why we have ranked the War Devil lower than the Control Devil, as we believe the War Devil is currently not at its full strength and is yet to show its full potential in the series.

As for its abilities, the War Devil has the ability to make weapons out of its victims. An interesting aspect of this power is that the guiltier Mikata Asa would feel from the kill, the stronger the weapon would be created by the War Devil.

3) Control Devil

The Control Devil, or Makima, was the main antagonist of Chainsaw Man part 1. As mentioned before, the Control Devil was part of the horsemen and was one of the four devils that could recollect the names of the devils devoured by the Chainsaw Devil.

Makima can control any being that she considers inferior to herself. The only two exceptions are the Darkness Devil and the Chainsaw Devil. The Control Devil has the ability to make use of the devils contracted by other people by controlling them.

This is truly a terrifying power, the extent of which was seen when the US President made a contract with the Gun Devil to kill Makima, only for Makima to win against it.

The Control Devil has witnessed it all, the Nazis, World War II, AIDS, etc., and therefore Makima intends to use Denji to erase all the wrongdoings in the world.

2) Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil (Image via Viz Media)
Darkness Devil (Image via Viz Media)

Darkness Devil is the embodiment of one of the primordial fears within human beings, Darkness. As one of Quanxi's girlfriends mentioned, the Darkness Devil was stronger than the Gun Devil, as it even defeated the Control Devil. The Darkness Devil is insanely strong and quick and even managed to sever the arms of the devil hunters without breaking a sweat.

While doing so, the Darkness Devil even showcased its speed as it appeared amidst several devil hunters like Quanxi, without any one of them being able to perceive it.

True to its name, the Darkness Devil can manifest and engulf people in darkness. Along with this, the devil has the terrifying ability to have its victims hemorrhaging blood with just a stare.

1) Chainsaw Devil

Chainsaw Devil (Image via Viz Media)
Chainsaw Devil (Image via Viz Media)

While there is still a lot to learn about the Chainsaw Devil, it is known to be the strongest devil in the series. The Chainsaw Devil had previously managed to defeat the horsemen in battle. Also, the Chainsaw Devil has the unique ability of Devil Erasure. It is said that any Devil that the Chainsaw Devil devours simply ceases to exist on earth and hell.

As mentioned by Makima, the Control Devil had witnessed it all, from Nazis to World War II, which were things people weren't aware of within the Chainsaw Man universe. This was because the Chainsaw Devil had managed to devour their devils in the past.

Also, according to the Angel Devil, the last sound that a devil hears before reviving on earth is the revving of a chainsaw. This makes the Chainsaw Devil very intriguing as we look forward to learning more about it in the future.

Edited by Shreya Das
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