Attack on Titan episode 83 rules Twitter with Levi, Connie, and the “Save the World” scene

Highlights of episode 83 (Image via MAPPA)
Highlights of episode 83 (Image via MAPPA)

Ever since the return of Levi Ackerman in the last episode, fans have been eagerly waiting for Attack on Titan episode 83 to air. The episode did not disappoint, giving viewers some of the most poignant scenes of the season.

The animation and the voice acting were superb as usual, but all the scenes with Levi Ackerman clearly drew the focus away. The devastating mental state of the protagonists was brought to the forefront in this episode.

Attack on Titan episode 83 is titled "Pride".

MAPPA’s rendition of “Save the World” scene in Attack on Titan episode 83 become favorite on Twitter

I want to think about how gentle & careful Hange was in stitching Levi, but they couldn't stop their hands from shaking because of the pain of seeing Levi in this condition. #shingeki

Attack on Titan episode 83 showed a flashback regarding Hange rescuing and patching-up Levi before the alliance between Hange and Theo Magath was formed. Fans have long suspected that the Alliance chapters would be a low point in the anime. However, so far, they have proven to be one of the best.


As always, Levi drew particular attention. The fans loved how he started badmouthing Zeke from the moment he woke, before they came to the somber realization that he would never be as capable as he was due to losing two of his fingers.

God, it hurts how depressed & beaten Levi looks. #shingeki

Connie’s expressions and Annie’s pie scene

The real mc of this episode is Connie because of how much effort Mappa placed in animating his expressions. #shingeki

Falco’s rescue was particularly well-crafted, with the setting and the voice acting lending to the tone of the scene. Armin’s act of self-sacrifice did not go unnoticed by fans, and Gabi’s care for Falco also warmed many hearts.

Armin Arlert the man you are, i mean he could have been dead right there but if it could stop Connie, he wont hesitate. His life is in danger but the only thing he care about is to make sure Gabi can forgive Connie instead of gain more hatred in her heart #shingeki #進撃の巨人
this is too much for me and next episode..oh my god #shingeki #gabi

Connie’s anguish drew as much attention as did his expressions in the scene. The comedic nature of Annie's chewing and gulping down pies when Armin and Connie found her also delighted fans. Her farewell to Hitch was heartfelt, but it also served as Annie’s farewell to Paradis.

The mental state of the protagonists and “Save the world”

"I wish I could've just cooped up in my room with my ears shut. But if I had, that burst ashes of the dead would never have forgotten me" - Jean Kirstein #shingeki #AttackonTitanFinalSeasonpart2

Fans also contemplated the terrible predicament of Jean and Mikasa, with Jean’s heartfelt lines to Onyankopon being particularly heavy. MAPPA’s color palette and direction in Attack on Titan episode 83 received particular praise here.

As a person, he just wanted to live a normal life, but as a commanding officer, he has a duty even though he doesn't want to do it. The weight on his shoulders must be so heavy. This is so sad. I love him so much #shingeki #AttackonTitanFinalSeasonpart2
Mikasa just looks so done with everything 😭#shingeki
Mappa's captivating cinematography & colour composition. #shingeki

Mikasa retrieving her scarf was also symbolic, as was the small flashback scene with Eren.

Many had dreaded that the panel, where Connie, Armin, and others wake Reiner up to tell him that they are going to save the world, would be as cringey and misfit as it was in the manga.

“To save the world” this manga panel finally got animated. I wonder if this frame will be clowned as much as the panel was lmao #shingeki

However, Hiro Shimono’s delivery, combined with the animation and the serious tone of the setting, has made the scene more impactful and poignant in the anime.

I can't believe how Mappa did it but they somehow made this panel so much better in anime. #shingeki

Final thoughts

Attack on Titan episode 83 almost concludes the alliance chapters and acts as a prequel to the counterattack. Many have predicted that the anime will modify the manga's ending, if not invent an original conclusion altogether.

So far the Alliance chapters have shaped up to be utterly consistent, beautifully composed & elevating the source material. Hope haters are eating their words. #shingeki

Either way, the next few episodes will dive into the conflict between the Alliance and the Yeagerists, as well as the outside world’s reaction to the Rumbling.

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