Demon Slayer: Entertainment District, Episode 10 marks the end of both the Upper Rank Six

Visuals of Tanjiro beheading Gyutaro and awakening his Demon Slayer Mark (Image via Sportskeeda)
Visuals of Tanjiro beheading Gyutaro and awakening his Demon Slayer Mark (Image via Sportskeeda)

Entertainment District’s tenth episode became one of the most enthralling episodes of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. With the intense showdown, the fans had a hard time keeping up with the battle between the demon slayers and the Upper Rank Six demons.

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Since the Mugen Train arc, it had been so long since fans got to see such a display of power and blood lust in a fight. As the episode starts at a slow pace by making the viewers believe that all hope is lost, then rapidly escalates by giving nothing but goosebumps!

Where all the Corps members were assumed to be dead or heavily injured, leaving Tanjiro the only person conscious enough in the middle of the burning Yoshiwara District. It was later revealed that they were all recuperating from their injuries, to get back on the battlefield and wrap it up once and for all.

Zenitsu, after amplifying his only known form, Thunderclap and Flash of Thunder Breathing to Sixfold and Eightfold, finally manages to make it a more dominant mid-battle by attaining an unfathomable speed, Thunderclap and Flash: Godspeed.

It was seen that the flesh on Zenitsu's legs was slowly getting disintegrated with immense speed, while the demon's obi was able to withstand this new technique. Out of the blue, Inosuke came back from the dead to lend a hand to his brethren in beheading Daki.

Tanjiro, being cornered by Gyutaro, gets saved by Tengen, who had recently lost one arm fighting the demon. He was also poisoned by the Upper Rank, but somehow he managed to stop the poison, as he previously claimed that he could withstand it without a sweat.

Tengen was also preparing to devise his Musical Score Technique. As seen in the battle, he was able to analyze combat maneuvers and deconstruct the opponent's movements by reading it like a music sheet. Certainly, this fight between Tengen and Gyutaro has been the most captivating in the show.

All Demon Slayers successfully managed to behead both the demons in conjunction. Moreover, the biggest thing is Tanjiro awakening his Demon Slayer mark and somewhat resembling Yoriichi Tsukiguni.

However, the episode ends on a shocking note, with Tanjiro's body going numb as a result of Gyutaro's poison. Tengen runs to him, shouting, "It's not over yet!" as he detects something wrong, which results in Gyutaro's body blowing up, with the shock waves destroying the entire Yoshiwara District.

It seemed impossible to survive that blast, mostly for Tengen and Tanjiro, who were closer to the blast radius. With this terrible cliffhanger at the end of the episode, fans are anxious about the outcome of the situation.

In the end credits, Nezuko was shown describing the toughness of his brother's rock-like head. Later, she announced the eleventh episode, "No Matter How Many Times We Reborn," which will be the final episode of the Entertainment District arc.

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