Over 19% of Japanese households watch Demon Slayer every week, shows data

Tanjiro as seen in the series' anime (Image via Ufotable Studios)
Tanjiro as seen in the series' anime (Image via Ufotable Studios)

The Demon Slayer anime’s Entertainment District arc has been leaving fans breathless with each episode since Daki and Tanjiro’s initial confrontation. Everything from animation to pacing has been exceptional, leaving fans ecstatic.

The exceptional quality shown in the arc’s adaptation is reflected in ratings numbers as well. Recent data shows that over 19% of Japanese households tune in every week to watch the show on cable TV.

Follow along as this article breaks down the data and explains why it’s so significant.

Over 10 million Japanese households watch every episode of Demon Slayer within week of release

Demon Slayer ratings data and its significance

Japanese ratings data regarding the Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District arc establishes it as the third most-watched show in Japan right now. Over 10 million households, between DVR and live viewers, watch each episode of the series within a week of its release.

While the '10 million' household number in and of itself is incredibly impressive, it’s the timeframe for these ratings which is truly significant. The level of week-to-week engagement the current season has with the Japanese public is truly astounding.

Even more impressive is that viewership numbers have been steadily increasing each week since episode six. Episode seven of this season saw a .8% rating increase from the previous one just a week before.

While Demon Slayer’s live numbers are impressive, the Live+7 numbers which take DVR viewership into account make the series nearly untouchable. The anime Sazae-san is the top rated live broadcast anime program in Japan; however, when taking Live+7 DVR numbers into account, the show doesn’t even rank in the top 15.

The series' third place spot in all of Japanese TV does take these Live+7 numbers into account. This further emphasizes the show's dominance, combined with the lack of dedicated DVR viewership from anime programs like Sazae-san.

While the Entertainment District arc has received incredible numbers, this can’t be said for all of the series’ second season. The anime's premiere episode focused on Rengoku and drew 5.136 million households, drawing a rating of 10% amongst all Japanese television households.

The subsequent Mugen Train recap arc saw a sharp decline in both figures, recording 3.44 million households weekly, and a ratings draw of 6.7% over the full six week run.

In summation

While Demon Slayer’s second season got off to a lukewarm start, the recent ratings and viewership numbers for the Entertainment District arc have been incredible. The series has become the third most-watched television show in Japan, and draws more viewers and better ratings almost weekly.

The true significance of these numbers is that they’re all drawn in a one-week timeframe, meaning over 10 million households in Japan stay up-to-date with the arc. Despite a non-dominant live ratings performance, the weekly numbers for the Entertainment District arc are truly astonishing.

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