Does Levi return to battle again in Attack on Titan?

Levi as seen in the series' anime (Image via Wit Studios)
Levi as seen in the series' anime (Image via Wit Studios)

One of the most beloved characters in the Attack on Titan series is Captain Levi Ackerman. Loved for his battlefield successes and overall personality, he seems to steal the show for many fans whenever he appears.

The first half of Attack on Titan's final season saw Levi become seriously injured due to a confrontation with Zeke Yeager. Although still alive, his injuries are incredibly severe, to the point of needing days of rest before even waking up.

Obviously, anime-only fans are concerned with whether or not Levi will return to the battlefield once more. Follow along as this article breaks down how Levi received these gruesome injuries, as well as whether or not he'll fight again in Attack on Titan.

'Attack on Titan' fans curious as to whether or not Levi returns to action

Levi's injuries


The first half of the series' final season saw Levi being caught in an explosion from a Thunder Spear. The explosion occurred from a trap he had set for the captive Zeke Yeager, which was designed to prevent him from moving erratically. Unfortunately, this didn't deter him as Levi had hoped.

As a result, the Thunder Spear exploded, catching both men in a huge and volatile explosion. Being a Titan shifter, Zeke eventually heals and comes out of the blast uninjured. However, being purely human, Levi has severe injuries that cannot heal instantly like Zeke's.

His injuries range drastically, beginning with a massive scar across his right eye which runs along the length of his face. He also loses two fingers on his right hand from the explosion.

The scar across his right eye is eventually, and unfortunately, revealed to have blinded him in that eye.


Levi's final fight

Eventually, upon arriving at Marley and locating Eren's Titan, Levi prepares for and engages in battle with the army of Titans approaching them. Levi contributes as much as anyone else on the battlefield, even eventually killing Zeke during the fight.

Unfortunately, the series' ending shows him confined to a wheelchair for (presumably) the rest of his life. His scar across the right eye remains, while his eye has devolved to a glossy white iris, indicating permanent blindness.

In summation

Although Levi only returns for the final battle in Attack on Titan, he nonetheless makes one last contribution on the battlefield. Furthermore, he achieves his final goal in life in the process, killing Zeke and avenging Erwin Smith's death.

His contributions throughout the story are plentiful, especially on the battlefield, and it's fitting for Levi to avenge his commander in his final battle. While his injuries are unfortunate, they nevertheless remain proof that Levi was once Humanity's Strongest Soldier.

Follow along for more Attack on Titan theories, lists, and more as 2022 progresses.

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