Dr. Stone Chapter 226 raws: Space station repaired, landing on the moon, and more

Senku as seen in the Dr. Stone anime (Image via TMS Entertainment)
Senku as seen in the Dr. Stone anime (Image via TMS Entertainment)

Initial spoilers for Dr. Stone Chapter 226 have begun leaking as of today, with the raw Korean scans making rounds on the internet. While these are yet untranslated into other languages, some information can still be gleaned from the chapter.

It seems Senku was able to replace the broken motherboard from the previous chapter with a backup motherboard. Furthermore, Senku, Kohaku, Ryusui, and Stanley are now all in one vessel with the Kingdom of Science space station fully connected.

Follow along as this article breaks down all the information that can be obtained from Dr. Stone Chapter 226 raw Korean scans.

Dr. Stone Chapter 226 raw scans show Senku successfully repairing space station

Dr. Stone Chapter 226: Raw Korean scans

The raw Korean scans for Chapter 226 have been released today, and with them fans can get a sneak peek before the chapter’s official release.

Dr. Stone Chapter 226 begins shortly after where the previous chapter left off. Fans can see Ryusui joining Kohaku, Stanley, and Senku in the main body of the space station after successfully connecting the lunar lander. The crew celebrates and high five each other.

Shots of mission control are then seen, with characters like Gen, Nikki, and Francois all speaking with one another. It seems someone makes an analogy here to say fixing something in space is like fixing it underwater. This is further backed up by the next few panels, which show Ryusui having gotten a spare motherboard from Kasaki, which is now being used by Senku to repair the space station.

More shots of mission control and the space station crew are seen here, followed by the space station finally getting moving again. Mission control then seems to be discussing the space station's flight path on the next page, with several characters getting dialogue here.

A shot of a petrified Kohaku is then seen, suggesting the entire crew has petrified themselves in preparation for landing on the moon. Shots of Chrome and Xeno are seen before a shot of the space station with some onomatopoeia around it, followed by an unpetrified Kohaku. Senku is already up and about by this point as Kohaku goes to look out a nearby window.

As fans have certainly come to expect of illustrator Boichi by now, a beautiful double page spread of the moon is then shown. Kohaku is shown looking wondrously at it and talking before showing Ryusui peering into something followed by mission control dialogue. An overview shot of the moon is shown while it seems like Senku explains the moon’s formation to Kohaku.

The following page seems to showcase the space station crew choosing who will land on the moon, as it seems one person will be staying behind. It’s unclear who besides Ryusui makes the trip to the moon from the raw scans alone. Nevertheless, the three who are going to the moon get suited up and take off in the lunar lander.

More dialogue from mission control follows over the next two pages as the lander makes its way to the moon. As the lander makes contact, it seems like Why-man is sending another message about or to a petrification device. In the final panels of Dr. Stone Chapter 226, Ryusui jumps out of the lander, ready to fulfill yet another one of his desires.

In summation

Dr. Stone Chapter 226 finally shows fans the space station crew arriving at the moon, as well as Why-man seemingly sending another message. Furthermore, fans can expect the pace of the current arc to pick up significant speed from this point on.

While Dr. Stone Chapter 226 was somewhat uneventful in and of itself, the chapter wraps up previous plotlines (broken motherboard) while setting up the story’s immediate future (Why-man’s return). Furthermore, it seems there’s a significant dialogue in Chapter 226, which most fans will, unfortunately, have to wait until the scanlations to read.

Be sure to keep up with all Dr. Stone news as 2022 progresses and support Dr. Stone Chapter 226’s official release on Sunday, January 23, 2022 at 11:00 AM EST on various Shonen Jump platforms.

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