Dragon Ball: What would it take to defeat the Omni-King Zen-O-Sama?

Omni-King Zeno (Image via Sportskeeda)
Omni-King Zeno (Image via Sportskeeda)

Standing atop the Dragon Ball multiverse is the ruler of all gods and timelines, Omni-King Zeno-sama. This supreme being has the power to destroy entire universes. The presence of such an awesome being in Dragon Ball begs the question: Is there any way to defeat Zeno?

This article will break down the requirements to take on the mighty Omni-King.

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What would it take to defeat Zeno from Dragon Ball Super?

1) Speed faster than Zeno can see

The Dragon Ball Omni-King uses his godly vision to oversee the multiverse. He must have very keen eyes to do so. However, during the battle between Hit and Dyspo, Zeno admits that he can't keep up with the lightning-quick movement.


To take down Zeno, his enemy must be able to exploit his only known physical weakness. In order to stand a chance against the Omni-King, one must possess speed fast enough to beat his eyes.

2) Inter-dimensional presence

Zeno-Sama resides outside of the 12 universes. If he felt that he was at all threatened, the Dragon Ball Omni-King could simply destroy whatever reality the attack was coming from.


Therefore, an adversary capable of defeating Zeno would have to be able to exist outside of the flow of space and time. The existence of such a being would automatically imply that they are a god of some kind.

Not only would an attacker need to be able to withstand such catastrophic events, but they would also have to possess the strength to pierce through multiple realities in order to damage the very soul of the Dragon Ball Omni-King.

3) An ice-cold heart

Zeno-Sama has won the hearts of many Dragon Ball Super fans thanks to his innocent appearance, childlike demeanor, and playful outlook.


For one to challenge Zeno, they must know the nature of his personality. Even if an adversary is able to confidently look past Zeno's overwhelming ethereal presence, they must still desire to take his life. Given Zeno's childlike behavior, an attempt to destroy him could only come from a supremely cruel and insensitive individual.


Zeno is the most absolute deity ever introduced in the story of Dragon Ball. His only known weakness is that his eyesight cannot keep up with the movement of the fastest mortal beings.

Zeno possesses the ability to survive outside of reality and has the power to destroy universes. He is also very charming. For anyone gutsy enough to take on the Omni-King, they would have to possess a mind-numbing bloodthirst, a godly constitution, and speed rivaling the fastest living beings in the Dragon Ball multiverse.

Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.