Top 5 strongest Dragon Ball Super characters

Who are the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super (Image via Dragon Ball Super)
Who are the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super (Image via Dragon Ball Super)

Dragon Ball Super is Akira Toriyama’s sequel to the extremely successful manga series, Dragon Ball. The show is about Beerus, the God of Destruction, waking up after a decade-long slumber and wanting to defeat Goku.

Ever since the show featured some strong characters, the Dragon Ball Super fan base has had multiple debates over who the strongest characters from the show are. The following list ranks the strongest characters from Dragon Ball Super.

Note: The rankings on this list were left to the writer.

Strongest characters from Dragon Ball Super

5) Fused Zamasu

Born of Potara fusion between Goku Black and Future Zamasu, Fused Zamasu is an extremely strong character from Dragon Ball Super. He’s not only immortal, but also possesses regenerative powers which gives him a significant edge during intense battles. He was strong enough to comfortably fend off SSGSS Goku, SSGSS Vegeta and Super Saiyan Rage Future Trunks, clearly underscoring his strength.

4) Vados

Vados is one of the strongest angels in Dragon Ball Super. She and her brother Whis are of similar power levels. She has space-time manipulation, creation and destruction abilities that make her a tough opponent to deal with. Vados is the Great Priest’s child and it’s only natural to have massive power levels, and her's is about 5.4 sextillion.

3) Zeno’s attendants


These are tall creatures who have cyan skin and wear a long purple jacket with golden accents. These characters in Dragon Ball Super are attendants to the Omni-King Zeno. They respect him and are extremely loyal, protecting Zeno from threats and making sure the visitors show respect towards the King. These attendants are some of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Super.

2) The Grand Priest

The Grand Priest is one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super after Zeno. As the name suggests, he is a very soft-spoken, calm and collected individual. Despite his soft-spoken nature, when he issues orders to his subordinates, they are followed immediately and without question. The Grand Priest has the ability to teleport beings to any point in the universe. His power level is at about 100 octillion.

1) Zeno

Zeno is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters from Dragon Ball Super. He is the Omni-King and the ruler of all universes. He does not look extremely strong or intimidating, but his power levels are unmatched. He has the ability to obliterate an entire universe in the blink of an eye. This shows just how strong a character he is. Zeno’s power levels are at an astounding value of 1.8 octodecillion.