Is One Piece one of the greatest anime shows of all time?

Is One Piece the greatest anime show of all time? (Image via Toei animation)
Is One Piece the greatest anime show of all time? (Image via Toei animation)

Eiichiro Oda is the author of the Japanese manga series One Piece. Since 1997, the series has been published weekly in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It has also been turned into an anime series, computer games, and merchandise.

So, is One Piece the greatest anime show of all time? It is definitely among the best anime shows ever produced and might even be the best one ever, according to some fans. The answer to this question, however, is subjective and depends on personal preferences. What is undeniable is that it is a beloved show that has captured the hearts of many viewers around the globe.

We will take a look at some of the reasons why One Piece is considered to be the greatest anime show of all time by many fans.

All the factors that have contributed to the immense popularity of One Piece

Luffy (Image via Toei animation)
Luffy (Image via Toei animation)

The anime adaptation of the manga is the longest-running anime series, having aired over 1000 episodes since 1999. It's not surprising, therefore, that it is frequently regarded as one of the best anime of all time, given that it boasts some astounding stats and content that keeps fans engaged.

Fan-favorite and financial success

One Piece has become incredibly well-known over time, both in Japan and outside. The manga is an all-time best-selling manga series with over 500 million copies sold globally.

In fact, Eiichiro Oda's renowned manga even officially earned a place in the Guinness World Records in 2022.

Around $20 billion in sales have been generated by the franchise so far. Included in this are sales of associated goods such as merchandise, video games, manga, and anime. It is among the most popular properties in Japan and has a sizable international fan base, making it one of the most lucrative media franchises ever.

Fantastic world building

One of the factors contributing to One Piece's immense popularity is its fantastic world-building. Oda has crafted a wide, deep, and diverse universe that is populated by intriguing characters, interesting places, and complex political systems. One Piece's world is made up of numerous oceans and islands, each home to a unique population of people, animals, and customs.

The use of Sea Prism Stone and the production of Devil Fruits are just two examples of the unusual technology that exists on the planet. Because of the extensive history and mythology that Oda has developed, the show's universe feels authentic and real.

The numerous diverse groups and organizations that exist in the world, each with its own special objectives and drivers, are examples of this attention to detail. Every organization, from the World Government to the Revolutionary Army to Yonko, has a clearly defined mission and goal.

One Piece is renowned for its strong characters in addition to its world-building. Each member of the dynamic and diverse Straw Hat Pirates has special skills and a distinct personality. Luffy is a well-written character who is loved by most of the fans. He is also intriguing because of his unwavering commitment to becoming the Pirate King, and his loyalty to his friends.

The show has numerous memorable and well-developed secondary characters, which adds to the sense of life in the universe and doesn't just apply to the Straw Hats.

Strong character designs and humor in One Piece

One Piece's character designs are another noteworthy feature. Each character has a unique appearance and personality, and their designs frequently correspond to their skills and place in the narrative. Oda's artwork is likewise distinctive, with oversized features and strong lines. Its aesthetic enhances the humor of the series and gives the characters a hefty sense of personality.

The humor of the show is another one of its assets. One Piece is renowned for its outrageous humor, which frequently combines physical comedy and exaggerated facial expressions. This comedy is employed quite effectively and adds much-needed lightness to the occasionally gloomy and somber series. Even after so many years, the series still feels enjoyable and new, thanks in part, to its humor.

Throughout the course of the series, a number of different topics were also addressed, such as friendship, family, and tenacity. These themes are investigated through the characters and their connections, and are frequently crucial to the storyline.

The show also tackles more somber subjects like racism, slavery, and corruption. These concerns are handled delicately and give the narrative depth.

Flaws of the show

Although One Piece is unquestionably a beloved anime series, it has its shortcomings. The poor pacing of the anime adaption is one of the most frequently stated complaints. Long spans of time where little seems to be happening result from the anime's frequent practice of dedicating multiple episodes to a single manga chapter. For viewers who are eager to see the tale develop, this might be irritating.

The anime is also well-known for using filler episodes, which are ones that aren't based on the manga and are added to lengthen the running duration. Although certain filler episodes can be amusing, many viewers believe they are superfluous and lower the show's overall quality.


In conclusion, One Piece is a fantastic anime series that has held viewers' attention for more than 20 years. It stands out among top anime series of all time, thanks to its unique world-building, powerful characters, distinctive art, and humor.

Luffy (Image via Toei animation)
Luffy (Image via Toei animation)

The show also addresses a number of concepts that give the plot depth and purpose. Notwithstanding the shortcomings of the anime adaptation, the success of the show speaks for itself. It is a must-watch show for any anime enthusiast, whether you've been a fan for a while or are just discovering it.

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