Komi Can’t Communicate episode 11: the Cultural festival begins

Tadano in maid costume in Komi Can't Communicate (Image via YouTube)
Tadano in maid costume in Komi Can't Communicate (Image via YouTube)
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Fall 2021 anime series Komi Can’t Communicate is coming to the end of its first season, with only one more episode left to air. The season began with Komi, who suffers from communication disorder, that is, an inability to talk to people due to extreme anxiety, meeting her new classmate Tadano Hitohito.

As a manga reader, it's amazing to see this scene get animated and done beautifully :') #KomiSan

Tadano offers to help fulfill her wish of making one hundred friends, beginning with him becoming the first. From there on, we meet a variety of characters, who slowly become friends with Komi, with some help from Tadano and the class social butterfly, Najimi.

In episode 11, we see them preparing and participating in their first cultural festival at Itan Private High School.

Komi Can’t Communicate episode 11 highlights

Preparations for the cultural festival

Komi Can’t Communicate episode 11 begins with the class in utter chaos, trying to decide what event to host for the cultural festival. Finally, after settling on Najimi’s idea, the somewhat cliché maid-cafe, the preparations begin.

We see the laid back and scatterbrained Otori Kaede invite Komi to accompany her to go buy materials from the store, and Onemine, in her usual big-sister fashion, tags along to keep an eye on them.

Her seiyu is doing an amazing job#古見さん #komisan 11

Tadano worries if Komi would be fine but things go better than expected, even though Otori wanders off with the other two having to split up and search for her. Komi and Otori become friends as the former tries to thank her for inviting her along.

Komi speaks, taking Onemine by pleasant surprise. This is the first time we see her adeptly speaking to someone other than Tadano in the Komi Can’t Communicate.

Following this, we see various interactions between Komi and some shopkeepers, as our usual trio consisting of Tadano, Komi and Najimi go around distributing flyers for their maid cafe.

A baby who we also see during episode 7, stops crying after seeing the titular protagonist and refers to her as “Cocco.” This prompts Tadano to refer to Komi as “Cocco-san” which makes her blush.

On the night before the cultural festival, Najimi, Komi and Onemine make onigiri for their classmates. Unsurprisingly, Komi watches shyly as Tadano eats an onigiri made by her.

The Cultural festival begins

In the next part of Komi Can’t Communicate episode 11, the cultural festival begins properly. Shenanigans ensue as we see an otaku customer’s reactions to the various girls in the class dressed up as maids, categorizing them as “chuunibyou”, “dojikko”, “tsundere”, “genkikko” and finally, Komi as “kuudere”.

you've been cursed by maid najimi, now you've eternally bound to a maid outfit#古見さん #komisan

Meanwhile, Najimi forces Tadano to dress up as a maid, something that the boys of the class internally approve of. We also see Komi’s mother and her brother, Shousuke visit the maid cafe, and the girls immediately go ga-ga over his looks.

In true Komi fashion, Shousuke gets uncomfortable and silently walks out. Tadano’s younger sister comes as well, and leaves immediately after snapping a picture of him in full maid get-up.


The episode ends with Komi telling Tadano he looks cute in the maid costume and both of them getting embarrassed. The narrator announces that the second part of the cultural festival will appear in Komi Can’t Communicate episode 12.

Komi Can’t Communicate episode 12

The next episode of Komi Can’t Communicate would be the last of the first season, airing in Japan on 26 December 2021 and worldwide on 6 January 2022. The episode will focus on the second part of the cultural festival as Komi learns to interact with people, all the while growing closer to Tadano.

Stay tuned for the next riveting episode of Komi Can’t Communicate.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul


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