Major spoilers to expect from Berserk chapter 374

Berserk's dark protagonist Guts swordsman (Image via Kentaro Miura)

The dark storytelling techniques of Kentaro Miura's magnum opus will continue in the narrative of Berserk chapter 374 even after Kouji Mori took over. In chapters 372 and 373, viewers got to revisit the world of war-torn Falconia. However, while we saw Casca and Guts at their lowest, many more questions are left to be answered.

Fans can expect to see more world-building take place in Berserk chapter 374, or they might be able to return to character-focused chapters. Character-focused chapters often delve into the emotional turmoil and conflicted feelings of the primary characters of the story, and in this case, those characters are probably Casca, Guts, and Griffith.

Berserk Chapter 374 might delve into the dark and gritty verse of Guts' narrative, and offer some exposition soon

The White Knight's true motives might be revealed soon

In Berserk chapter 372, readers got to witness the emotional turmoil faced by Casca as she attempted to evade Griffith's clutches but failed. Griffith was still very much in control and could be seen smiling mysteriously as he looked over at the World Tree.

Readers might get to see the real intentions behind his abduction of Casca. Furthermore, Griffith's final adversary is set up to be his foil, the black swordsman Guts.

Since the beginning, their dynamics have been subverting the ideas of good and evil in association with black and white. Readers might soon get to witness more of Griffith's brilliant plan unravel and while we keep rooting for Guts, it seems too early for him to triumph.

Contrarily, it is possible that the intentions merge in Berserk chapter 374. Guts might have brought Casca to Falconia in an effort to enrage Griffith and persuade him to engage in combat.

Another hypothesis is that Griffith abducted Casca in exchange for the Moonlight Boy, whose body he shared. It makes more sense for Griffith to bring Casca to Falconia because Moonlight Boy visits Casca every full moon, keeping him under his watchful supervision. After the break, Moonlight Boy hasn't yet made a significant comeback, but in Berserk chapter 374, that could change shortly.

Guts' emotional turmoil from Berserk chapter 373 will receive closure

Guts has been one of the most tortured souls in all of the media, so much so that he has been through literal and metaphorical hell. The apparition of the Gut's internal rage and hate, aka, the Beast of Darkness, was revealed by his weapon (the Dragon Slayer), in the previous chapter and it would hardly be a stretch to think that it would play a major role in Berserk chapter 374.

The Beast grinned as he observed Guts' pitiful condition, setting off a wave of feelings that drove Guts' fury. The protagonist quickly reacted, grabbed his sword, and was able to regain his poise.

Guts was about to strike the beast when Griffith showed up and forced him to throw up, which knocked him out. This dramatic scene marked the end of the chapter and will likely be explored in Berserk chapter 374.

After that, Guts might go to Falconia to get Casca. Some fans speculate that he will use the Beherit to get stronger, but given how Guts differs from Griffith, it doesn't seem likely that he would employ an immoral power boost.

While these seem like the most likely routes for the mangaka to take, in order to ride the hype train, Mori might take a slight break and explore the nature of the World Tree and the God Hand.

Berserk chapter 374 will be released on June 25, 2023, while fans might choose to opt for the anime to experience the story differently.