Berserk chapter 371: Release date and time, where to read, and more

With Griffith now seemingly untouchable by Guts and his sword, his oldest companion, how will The Struggler endeavor and fight onward? (Image via Studio 4°C)
With Griffith now seemingly untouchable by Guts and his sword, his oldest companion, how will The Struggler endeavor and fight onward? (Image via Studio 4°C)

Berserk chapter 371 is set to release on Friday, December 9, 2022, JST. Several weeks have passed since the series’ last issue was published, so fans are excited to see how Guts pushes forward from these latest harrowing experiences.

Berserk chapter 371 may also mark the start of a new arc for the series, one which certainly has the potential to also be its final arc. While this is a speculative claim, it is a sensible one, especially if current author Kouji Mori’s goal is to preserve the late, original author Kentaro Miura’s vision for the series as well as possible.

Berserk chapter 371 sadly left with no free, official online source to read from

Release date and time, where to read

Berserk chapter 371 is set to be released on Friday, December 9, 2022, JST. Depending on the exact location, region, and timezone, fans will likely see the issue released anywhere from the night of Thursday, December 8, through the night of Friday, December 9. Unfortunately, there is no current exact release time for the series, thanks to the lack of an official, free-to-read online source.

As such, the best option fans are left with is to buy a copy of the next volume of the series, which Berserk chapter 371 should be a part of, in terms of legal reading opportunities. Many independent manga websites regularly publish unofficial translations of individual chapters. However, these are typically considered illegal releases from unofficial sources.

What to expect (speculative)

First and foremost, Berserk chapter 371 will likely clarify what happened at Elfhelm Island. With the former safe haven seemingly destroyed by Griffith’s presence on it, there seems to be nowhere else in the world for Guts’ party to turn. As such, many fans are theorizing that this upcoming arc may be the final one.

However, this is purely speculative, with no news, rumors, or leaks indicating such as of this article’s current writing. As briefly mentioned above, most of this theorization stems from Kouji Mori being a lifelong friend of the late original author Kentaro Miura. With this in mind, Mori may be looking to wrap up the series as soon as possible to preserve Miura’s original vision to the best of his capabilities.

If Berserk chapter 371 does indeed begin the series’ final arc, fans may see Guts resolve to sail back towards Midland, where a confrontation with Griffith will eventually come. However, there will likely be some sort of final training or power-up arc for both Guts’ and Griffith’s parties before this confrontation.

A similar outcome is likely if the upcoming issue marks the start of a new arc, not the series’ final one, but in a different context. Guts’ sword being completely useless against Griffith in their most recent encounter signifies that some sort of power-up is coming soon for him. Depending on who is revealed to have survived Elfhelm’s collapse, fans may even be able to tell where Guts will receive this power-up.

Several issues before Berserk chapter 371, fans were introduced to Hanarr the dwarf, a blacksmith who forged both the Berserker Armor and the Skull Knight’s armor. Suppose Hanarr did indeed survive the destruction of Elfhelm Island. In that case, fans will likely see Guts’ party begin heading towards some sort of dwarven homeland to give Guts either a new weapon, a new power, or new armor to enable him to fight Griffith.

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