Berserk manga to officially resume, Kouji Mori promises new arc after Elf Island chapter

Berserk is set to resume this month, leaving fans brimming with excitement (Image via Kentaro Miura/Young Animal, Studio Gaga, Kouji Mori, Berserk)
Berserk is set to resume this month, leaving fans brimming with excitement (Image via Kentaro Miura/Young Animal, Studio Gaga, Kouji Mori, Berserk)

There is some exciting news for Berserk fans since the publisher of the series, Hakusensha, announced that the series would be resuming this month. Berserk is one of the most iconic manga series that was illustrated and written by Kentaro Miura. One of the biggest reasons why this series was popular was because of the mangaka’s art style, which seemed to have captured the attention of every single manga reader out there.

Fans were wondering if the series would ever continue since the unfortunate demise of the legendary mangaka. However, the publishers announced that the series would be continuing under the guidance of one of Miura’s assistants. Here’s everything we know about the manga series that will be making its comeback this month.

Iconic manga series Berserk: makes a comeback this month, according to official announcements

First and foremost, the manga will be resuming on June 24, 2022. Kouji Mori will be playing an important role in this manga series since he was a childhood friend of Miura’s and was often visited by the original mangaka for help regarding the plot. The manga will return this year in the thirteenth issue of Young Animal magazine. The announcement also had some interesting details with respect to the plot and what the next six chapters would contain.

『ベルセルク』が6月24日発売のヤングアニマル13号から連載再開いたします。連載再開に際し、ヤングアニマル編集部並びに森恒二先生からのメッセージを掲載いたします。引き続き『ベルセルク』をご愛読いただけるよう何卒よろしくお願い申し上げます。… #BERSERK #ベルセルク

According to the officials responsible for the release of Berserk, the first six chapters have already been planned. The first set of chapters will look to conclude the Fantasia arc, and the remaining chapters will begin a new arc. The manga will be handled by Studio Gaga, which was a studio set up by Kentaro Miura himself, and the crew that will be working on the series were people who worked under Miura when he was working on the series.

Kouji Mori (Holyland) and Miura's production team are continuing on with Berserk, based on the rest of the story as Miura allegedly described it to Mori in private conversations.…

Kouji Mori had mentioned that he knew the entire plot for Berserk and wanted to share the details over an interview or a few illustrations. However, upon further reflection, he realized that these methods would not be ideal, and he took the opportunity given by Studio Gaga to work on the remaining chapters of the series. He also admitted that the storytelling would be imperfect and that he would try his best to recall all the necessary details to make the manga just as impactful.

Mori also went on to add that he would not flesh out any of the chapters and would stick to whatever was discussed between him and Miura. Mori acknowledged that the fanbase might not be as satisfied with the end product since it wasn’t done by Miura, but he hoped that the fans would continue to support the team and help them finish the series, honoring Miura and the effort he put into this masterpiece of a manga series.

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