Twitter loses it over controversy regarding fanservice in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Tohru raging in the anime (Image via Kyoto Animation)
Tohru raging in the anime (Image via Kyoto Animation)

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid is a slice of life anime series about dragons in human forms living with an office worker. It's mostly known by fans as being generally harmless, warm, and adorable.

This hasn't stopped people on Twitter from posting various things about the series. Fans of the series can imagine the usual bevy and cries of fanservice, but one tweet has sparked a Twitter war and sent Dragon Maid trending.

The tweet in question stated:

"This scene alone, is why anime is superior to western cartoons..."

The full tweet is presented below:

This particular tweet has sent fans and non-fans across the board into a maelstrom of flames and insults. Naturally, the sudden outbursts have left many confused and disappointed, with more than a few very angry. Full reactions follow below.

Twitter explodes over inflammatory Dragon Maid tweet

This particular tweet, from the same user, also sent people into a tizzy.

The various reactions to the tweet can be divided into upset fans of Dragon Maid who are reacting to tweets trolling the series, anime fans in general who think it's garbage, and people who scream into the void. Here's a sample:

Some had more colorful things to say than others, and they will not be posted here. Here are a few that think the series is garbage but don't bash the fans.

Here is a sample of anime fans who think that tweet is a garbage representation of the series, among other things.

Some fans were disappointed that Season 3 wasn't the reason why the anime series was trending on Twitter.

The tweet was posted on March 5. It is not new for an out-of-context thing to create huge storms in any fandom, but it is equally important to consider both sides of the argument.

The series is often praised for its wholesome content, but it also gets a lot of heat for its particular brand of fanservice. Hopefully, any discourse on the matter will remain civil for the sake of a beloved series.

"Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" can be viewed on Funimation's website, Crunchyroll, and VRV.