My Hero Academia: How does Neito Monoma’s Quirk function?

Neito Monoma is a highly intelligent fighter in MHA (Image via Studio Bones)
Neito Monoma is a highly intelligent fighter in MHA (Image via Studio Bones)

The ability to copy Quirks is always useful in My Hero Academia, as Neito Monoma can attest to.

Class 1-B doesn't get the most screentime beyond the Joint Training arc. However, it's readily apparent that Monoma is one of the most important students in the class. He loves to play mind games to catch his Class 1-A rivals off guard.

Monoma is a disliked character in My Hero Academia, but he does serve his antagonist role very well. Whether it's angering Katsuki Bakugo in the Sports Festival or toying around with Izuku Midoriya, he always has a plan. Monoma just needs the right opportunity to activate his powers.

Neito Monoma has a very useful Quirk in My Hero Academia


Monoma isn't a physically strong fighter, but he does have to get close enough to his opponents for his Quirk to work well. That is why he likes to get inside their heads. Most of them won't take him seriously until it's too late.

This article will explain how his Quirk functions and why it works so well.

He copies abilities through physical contact


Copy is an Emitter-type Quirk that relies on physical contact. Monoma can simply tap on a person's shoulder to duplicate their powers. The Joint Training arc revealed that he could hold up to four copied Quirks. However, he can only use one power at a time.

Monoma has at least five minutes to use his duplicated powers. Otherwise, it will go away, and he will have to find another one.

His hero costume has three clocks, which are used to trick opponents into thinking he can only copy that many Quirks.

Monoma is among the most intelligent characters in My Hero Academia, which means he can understand Quirks very quickly. During the Sports Festival tournament, he made great use of Bakugo's Explosion and Kirishima's Hardening, both for offensive and defensive purposes.

Monoma can only copy the nature of the Quirk


This drawback was first seen in the Joint Training arc. Monoma tried to copy Midoriya's OFA Quirk, but it ultimately didn't work. This also happened shortly afterward when he tried to copy Eri's Rewind Quirk.

Monoma explains that he only copies the nature of Quirks. However, if the copied Quirk relies on stockpiling, then he cannot use it.

Monoma doesn't have enough time to gather the materials he needs. When he copied the OFA Quirk, he only got the original version, which is significantly weak. It took multiple generations of OFA users to power it up through stockpiling.

Monoma needs to keep that in mind whenever he copies abilities in My Hero Academia.

His Quirk explains why he is the way he is


My Hero Academia makes a point on how Quirks often determine a person's role in society. Monoma revealed that he always felt like a supporting character in a play simply because his Quirk doesn't have star quality.

This is a big reason why Monoma has a major inferiority complex in My Hero Academia. He feels the need to remind everyone that he can do more beyond the expectations set for him.

Envy is a green-eyed monster, which is why it suits Monoma's Quirk. He takes from others what he cannot have for himself in My Hero Academia.

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