10 smartest My Hero Academia characters, ranked

The body is only as good as the mind (Image via Sportskeeda)
The body is only as good as the mind (Image via Sportskeeda)

Brain power goes a long way in the My Hero Academia series.

The smartest characters will always have a distinct advantage in the series. From villainous mad doctors to heroic child prodigies, these characters are usually one step ahead in their planning. Their keen intellect is what drives them forward.

For the sake of this article, the Ultra Analysis Book will be used as a reference guide. Most of these characters are listed as A-ranked or even S-ranked intelligence in My Hero Academia.

Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writer and contains manga spoilers.

10 most intelligent characters in My Hero Academia

10) Minoru Mineta


Despite his cowardly and comedic tendencies, Minoru Mineta is a surprisingly good strategist in My Hero Academia. This is because of his Pop Off Quirk, which is mainly suitable for creating traps with sticky balls. He also tends to do very well in his school activities, despite a lack of studying.

Mineta demonstrated his quick thinking in the Final Exams, where he went up against Midnight. Since he already knew that she would chase after him, Mineta laid a trap with his Pop Off Quirk. He ended up passing the exam when Midnight got stuck.

9) Manami Aiba - La Brava


Gentle Criminal's personal assistant is a very capable hacker. She is responsible for releasing his videos to the general public. More impressively, she even managed to hack U.A. security during the School Festival.

It should be noted that La Brava is self-taught in My Hero Academia. Her technological skills are truly remarkable in every sense of the word.

8) Neito Monoma


Neito Monoma loves to provoke other people in My Hero Academia. However, it's done for a very specific reason. Whether it's Bakugo in the Sports Festival or Midoriya in the Joint Training session, Monoma wants to throw them off their game.

He can directly copy abilities with his own Quirk. Since he needs to use them within a short time limit, Monoma needs to have a certain level of intelligence to use them quickly. He even designed his hero costume to fool others into thinking he could only copy three Quirks.

7) Tamaki Amajiki


The Manifest Quirk allows users to gain the properties of anything they eat. With that in mind, Tamaki Amajiki always has to consider what he can do with his abilities. For example, his breakfast would consist of food that he would use for his fighting style later that day. A few examples include chicken legs and octopus tentacles.

His strategic mindset was put to good use during the Shie Hassaikai arc. Tamaki secretly ate a few crystals from a Yakuza member, which allowed him to defeat three simultaneously.

6) Izuku Midoriya


Back when he was a Quirkless boy, Izuku Midoriya always wanted to be a hero. What he lacked in physical strength (at the time), he made up for it with sheer intelligence. His observational skills are second to none in My Hero Academia.

Midoriya is a very clever strategist who can replicate multiple fighting styles. For example, when he developed his Blackwhip Quirk in the Joint Training arc, he used Tusyu Asui as a reference guide for his new ability. He is very adaptable in any given situation.

Within a few short months in My Hero Academia, Midoriya managed to control the OFA Quirk. He even figured out creative ways to work around his body's limitations, such as using his stronger legs instead of his arms.

5) Mei Hatsume


Mei Hatsume is the star pupil of the Support Course in U.A. High School. She is an expert inventor with a knack for creating gadgets. Power Loader outrightly recognized her expertise in this field. During the U.A. Traitor arc, she made significant upgrades to the school's barrier system.

Mei Hatsume is very useful for her support items. One example is the Air Force Gloves she made for Izuku Midoriya. It allowed him to use his OFA Quirk without damaging himself. He could also create air blasts with this equipment.

4) Momo Yaoyorozu


Creation is a very difficult Quirk to use in My Hero Academia. Users must have strong molecular knowledge of the specific objects they want to create. Momo Yaoyorozu should be highly regarded for her analytical genius.

The Class 1-A representative usually places first on her academic exams. Keep in mind that Momo performs better than Midoriya and Mineta. She is also very good at formulating winning strategies.

This was best seen during the Final Exams, where her team went up against Shota Aizawa. She realized that his Erasure Quirk had a strict time limit due to previous injuries. Along with her partner Shoto Todoroki, they clinched a victory by exploiting that weakness.

3) Principal Nezu


There's a reason why this principal runs U.A. High School. Nezu is an exceptionally intelligent creature with a Quirk called High Spec. He is far smarter than the average human in My Hero Academia.

Nezu has only been seen in a combat situation once. During the Final Exams, he was pitted against Mina Ashido and Denki Kaminari.

With the use of a wrecking ball, Nezu easily defeated them by laying out complex traps. This required him to hit the ball at very specific angles, but he still pulled it off.

2) All For One


Prior to his first defeat at the hands of All Might, this villain ruled Japan for over a century. All For One is a cruel and sadistic monster with very keen intelligence. This has given him several years of experience in My Hero Academia. Official databooks even list his intelligence as S-rank.

All For One is very good at careful planning. Before his defeat in the Hideout Raid arc, he created a contingency plan for the League of Villains to follow. He made sure that Tomura Shigaraki would carry where he left off.

Later on, the villain caused a massive breakout in the Tartarus prison, despite its maximum security and protective walls.

1) Kyudai Garaki


This old man is a walking encyclopedia for Quirks. He is the foremost expert on this subject in My Hero Academia. His research proved incredibly useful for his master All For One, who often steals Quirks for his own personal use.

Kyudai may seem like a kind old man, but he is nothing more than a disturbed mad scientist. He is responsible for taking live corpses and turning them into powerful monsters. These are known as Nomu in My Hero Academia. Kyudai has completely disregarded ethics for the sake of his creations.

When All For One suffered his first defeat, Kyudai used his medical expertise to bring him back to fighting conditions. This is a remarkable feat, given how All Might critically damaged the villain.

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