4 My Hero Academia moments that made fans cry tears of sadness (and 4 that made them cry tears of joy)

My Hero Academia has many tear-jerking moments (Image via Studio Bones)
My Hero Academia has many tear-jerking moments (Image via Studio Bones)

There are different reasons why fans would cry watching My Hero Academia. Whether heartbreaking or heartwarming, the series has many emotional high points.

Many fans have invested themselves in the characters and stories of My Hero Academia. Both heroes and villains go through so much just to get what they want.

Some emotional moments in My Hero Academia can be very tough to watch as series creator Kohei Horikoshi never pulls his punches.

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Moments that made fans shed tears of sadness during My Hero Academia

4) All Might begs Inko Midoriya to let her son stay in school


At this point in My Hero Academia, U.A. High School was put in grave danger multiple times. Students barely made it through both the USJ incident and the Forest Training Camp. Inko Midoriya did what she thought was best by pulling her son from school.

All Might had to get down on his knees and beg her to reconsider. While Inko had every right to look out for her family, All Might ultimately convinced her to let Deku stay in the U.A.

3) Mirio Togata sacrifices his Quirk to save Eri


Mirio Togata did everything he could to rescue Eri from Overhaul's clutches. However, when a Yakuza member held Eri at gunpoint, Mirio jumped right in front of her and took the bullet. The bullet ended up destroying his Quirk, but it didn't matter to him. He just wanted to make sure that Eri was safe.

The emotional climax of the Shie Hassaikai arc comes when Mirio continues to fight Overhaul despite the loss of his powers.

2) Nighteye passes away


Heroes rarely die in My Hero Academia, but it can be hard to watch when it does happen. Despite a successful raid on the Shie Hassaikai hideout, Nighteye took mortal damage from Overhaul's reconstructed spikes. He lived just long enough to see Deku change his future and defeat the Yakuza boss.

Before he passed away in his hospital bed, Nighteye bade a tearful farewell to Deku, Mirio, and All Might.

1) Tomura Shigaraki's entire childhood


Tragically, Tomura Shigaraki wanted to be a hero growing up, but his resentful father put a quick end to his ambitions.

It turns out that he was born Tenko Shimura, the grandson of Nana Shimura. However, Shigaraki's father despised her for giving him away, so he took it out on his own family.

After manifesting the full powers of his Decay Quirk, Shigaraki accidentally killed most of his family before he murdered his father. All For One takes advantage of this situation by raising Shigaraki to become a villain.

My Hero Academia moments that made fans cry tears of joy

4) Twice saves Toga


Even villains have their very touching moments in My Hero Academia. During the Meta Liberation Army arc, Twice was heavily burdened by his Double Quirk. He couldn't tell whether or not he was the original copy. This allowed Skeptic to attack both Twice and Toga, the latter of whom was injured from a previous fight.

After taking some punishment, Twice eventually realized that he was the original copy this entire time. Not wanting his friend Toga to get killed so easily, he unleashed his full potential by creating several clones of himself.

3) Eri finally smiles


Class 1-A gave it their all during their concert performance at the School Festival. At this point in My Hero Academia, Eri was still recovering from Overhaul's abuse. The little girl couldn't even crack a smile to express her joy, simply because of everything she went through.

That all changed with Class 1-A at the School Festival. Kyoka Jiro and the rest of her classmates gave the audience a completely upbeat performance.

Eri was so happy that she finally broke a smile and started laughing. Mirio couldn't even hold back his tears when it happened.

2) Deku tells Shoto Todoroki to use his left side


For the longest time, Shoto Todoroki refused to use the fire side of his powerful Quirk. It reminded him too much of his abusive father.

However, during the Sports Festival tournament, Deku finally convinced him to let go of his past. He reminded Shoto that his Quirk belongs to him, not his father.

These words of encouragement were exactly what Shoto needed. After a fierce clash with his fire powers, he emerged victorious in his duel.

1) All Might defeats All For One


The Hideout Raid arc culminated in the final clash between All Might and All For One. Both men represented completely different sides of the moral spectrum in My Hero Academia.

Nonetheless, there had to be a winner since All Might was running out of fumes here. Most of his Quirk was used up, so it was a do-or-die situation.

With a second wind and a United States of Smash, All Might put away his arch-nemesis once and for all. The entire state of Japan was cheering on the hero, knowing this would be his last battle. All Might certainly did not disappoint the audience with his hard-fought victory.

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