4 My Hero Academia characters that are highly intelligent (and 4 that certainly aren’t)

Intelligence varies between each U.A. student in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)
Intelligence varies between each U.A. student in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

For every genius in My Hero Academia, there is somebody who falls short of the IQ threshold.

Intelligence is a very important quality in the series. Characters that are low in intelligence are often held back in battles. Meanwhile, fighters with high intelligence can compensate for their lack of physical ability with astute strategic planning.

Note: This article will make frequent use of the Ultra Analysis guide, which provides detailed stats for various heroes and villains in the series.

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The most intelligent characters in My Hero Academia

4) Mei Hatsume


With an intelligence stat of 5/6, Mei Hatsume is among the smartest students in U.A. High School. She is a member of the Department of Support.

The skilled inventor is known for her practical support items, such as the Air Force Gloves for Izuku Midoriya. She also created the Sharpshooting Gear for Denki Kaminari, which lets him use electricity without endangering nearby allies.

Mei Hatsume has invented hundreds of support items throughout My Hero Academia. The Ultra Analysis databook even lists her Inventive Urge stats as 6/6, with a very special grade of S+.

3) Momo Yaoyorozu


The student representative of Class 1-A is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent characters in My Hero Academia. Her genius comprehension is rated 6/6, the highest in the entire classroom. Of course, her Creation Quirk necessitates this since she needs to know the molecular structure of the objects she conjures.

Momo Yaoyorozu is analytically skilled in both academic and combat situations. Along with Shoto Todoroki, they were able to outsmart Shota Aizawa in the final exams, capturing him for a passing grade. In the exam, Momo took advantage of the fact that Aizawa couldn't use the Erasure Quirk for very long.

Momo has gotten much better at creating complex objects in the series. During the Joint Training arc, she made a lucky bag full of support items for her team.

2) Principal Nezu


The principal of My Hero Academia is highly regarded for his intellect. This is mainly due to his High Spec Quirk, which gives him greater brainpower than average humans. This is also what allows the animal to live just like them.

Principal Nezu is a very cunning strategist, and this is highlighted during the Final Exams arc. Denki Kaminari and Mina Ashido had to escape a large city in order to pass a test. However, Nezu managed to block off most exits with a wrecking ball, and they ended up failing their final exams.

It takes Nezu a few seconds to formulate strategies that would take most characters several minutes.

1) Kyudai Garaki


A residential expert on Quirks and their functions, Kyudai Garaki is responsible for the creation of Nomus. He can also make copies of various Quirks, as seen in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising.

The mad doctor works directly under All For One, the main villain in the series. He even used his medical expertise to rehabilitate his master after All Might destroyed him in their first battle.

Kyudai is a despicable man, but he takes pride in his creations, such as the powerful High-End Nomu from the Pro Hero arc. Most of the problems in My Hero Academia so far are the result of this deranged scientist's work.

The least intelligent characters in My Hero Academia

4) Rikido Sato


Rikido Sato has an intelligence stat of 3/6. However, that is not why he is on this list.

Sato's Sugar Rush Quirk greatly limits his cognitive functions. Whenever his sugar is converted into strength, he starts to become much sleepier.

During the Final Exams arc, Sato was among the few students to fail. Cementoss had no problem dealing with both Sato and Kirishima.

Overuse of the Sugar Rush Quirk resulted in Sato's inability to strategize effectively. As a result, he couldn't get past the large number of cement walls.

3) Denki Kaminari


Denki Kaminari isn't the brightest student in Class 1-A. His 1/6 intelligence stat is backed up by his poor grades. Nezu ended up fighting him in the Final Exams for that very reason.

Kaminari rarely comes up with effective strategies on his own. Worst of all, his Electrification Quirk has a terrible drawback.

If Denki goes past his wattage limit, he will short circuit himself. This leaves him stuck in a vulnerable state. It takes a full hour to revert himself back to normal.

2) Mina Ashido


Unfortunately, Mina Ashido is another My Hero Academia character with an intelligence stat of 1/6. However, she doesn't suffer from Quirk drawbacks like Sato or Kaminari. She just isn't a very good thinker in general.

Mina fared very poorly during the Final Exams arc, alongside fellow student Kaminari. Nezu destroyed most of the city they were in, although he left a single exit for them to escape. It was his intention to have them think on their feet and find a way out in time.

Mina definitely could've used her Acid Quirk to create more pathways. Instead, she solely focused on running away from the principal. This cost her the entire match, resulting in a failing grade.

Mina is not a shining example of academic success in My Hero Academia.

1) Nomus


Nomus are typically very dangerous creatures in My Hero Academia. However, the lower-tiered ones are purposely designed with stunted intelligence. They must be issued commands in order to do anything. An example of such a Nomu is the Chainsaw Nomu from the Forest Training Camp arc.

For the most part, Nomus rely on their brawns rather than their brains. Given their immense strength and durability, it usually works out in their favor.

With that said, High-End Nomus are notably more intelligent than their regular counterparts. One example is Hood from the Pro Hero arc. These forms can speak with broken grammar and execute battle strategies.

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