4 My Hero Academia characters that Aizawa can beat (and 4 he cannot)

Shota Aizawa is one of the strongest teachers in U.A. High School (Image via Studio Bones)
Shota Aizawa is one of the strongest teachers in U.A. High School (Image via Studio Bones)

Shota Aizawa is quite the experienced combatant in My Hero Academia. This is why he's a teacher in the best hero academy in Japan in the first place.

Aizawa is a very sharp individual with swift reflexes. With the use of Erasure, he can nullify Quirks just by looking at his targets. He is not the flashiest character in My Hero Academia, but he makes up for his lack of style with substance.

Note: To make it fair to Aizawa, this article will depict him in a fully healthy state. This means he can use Erasure without any issues. Keep in mind that any damage to his eyes will result in a non-functional Quirk.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the writer's personal views

My Hero Academia characters that Aizawa can easily beat

4) Twice


Twice is an agile fighter who is very hard to hit. He can also overwhelm his enemies by creating multiple clones of himself using his Double Quirk.

Aizawa can simply use Erasure to cancel out Twice's Quirk. He also has a long-range advantage with his capturing tape. Remember, Twice is not the greatest physical combatant in My Hero Academia.

Of course, this is a fight that Aizawa would have to end very quickly. Otherwise, Twice could use the numbers game against him.

3) Himiko Toga


During the Shie Hassaikai Raid, Himiko Toga demonstrated her skill and speed against Aizawa. She even managed to injure him in their brief scuffle. Trying to capture her with a binding cloth will prove to be very tricky.

Ultimately, the U.A. High School teacher would have to rely on his years of combat experience. He is a much better direct fighter, as demonstrated in the U.S.J. arc. Not only could Aizawa handle multiple enemies at once, but he could also take on Tomura Shigaraki.

It won't be easy, but Aizawa can pull off a win against Toga. However, he may have to resort to using his much larger knife.

2) Momo Yaoyorozu


Momo Yaoyorozu has proven herself to Aizawa during the Final Exams arc of My Hero Academia. However, she also teamed up with Shoto Todoroki, who gave her the firepower she needed to capture their teacher.

In this particular fight, Momo would have to rely on herself and her quick thinking. Aizawa knows her strengths and weaknesses, so he would use this information to his advantage. He will likely confront her in a direct fight before she has a chance to counteract with a plan.

Momo is among the most intelligent characters in My Hero Academia. Unfortunately, she lacks fighting capabilities, which Aizawa has clearly mastered. He will be able to knock her out in an instant.

1) Neito Monoma


Neito Monoma is a disliked character among fans because he wants his enemies to be thrown off their game. However, his mind games won't really work on Aizawa.

Monoma can use his Copy Quirk to duplicate other abilities. However, this will prove useless against someone like Aizawa. He already fights as if he doesn't have a Quirk, so using Erasure against him wouldn't do anything.

Ochaco Uraraka was able to disarm Monoma during the Joint Training session. Considering that Aizawa has capturing tape and several more years of experience, he will likely do the same. The Class 1-B student wouldn't fare well against the U.A. teacher.

My Hero Academia characters that Aizawa cannot beat

4) Re-Destro


According to the Ultra Analysis Book for My Hero Academia, Re-Destro has the following stats:

  • Power: 5/6 (A+)
  • Speed: 5/6 (A)
  • Technique: 5/6 (A+)
  • Wits: 5/6 (A)

Meanwhile, Aizawa has the following grades in each category:

  • Power: 3/6 (C)
  • Speed: 4/6 (B+)
  • Technique: 6/6 (S)
  • Wits: 5/6 (A+)

Re-Destro is simply stronger and faster than Aizawa. Even without the use of his Stress Quirk, the Detnerat CEO possesses superior reflexes.

During the Meta Liberation Army arc, Re-Destro was able to dodge attacks from multiple Twice clones at once. He can even handle the much faster Tomura Shigaraki.

Aizawa would have to constantly erase Re-Destro's Quirk. However, the latter would likely keep him busy by going on the offensive.

Aizawa simply doesn't have the physical stats to win a straight fight here. If Re-Destro activates his Quirk and powers himself up, this match is over.

3) "Hero Killer" Stain


Stain is a ridiculously fast character in My Hero Academia. According to the Ultra Analysis book, his speed and technique are maxed out. During the Hero Killer arc, even characters like Tenya Ida and Shoto Todoroki were caught off guard.

Bloodcurdle allows Stain to paralyze targets just by licking their blood. Aizawa would have to constantly apply his Erasure Quirk to ensure this doesn't happen. However, Stain is simply too fast for his eyes to perceive. Aizawa wouldn't be able to maintain his Quirk forever.

With the use of several bladed weapons, Stain is far too dangerous to deal with. Aizawa wouldn't be able to capture him as a result.

2) Izuku Midoriya


Needless to say, Deku is an unbelievably strong character. The protagonist of My Hero Academia trained his muscles to overcome the power of his Quirk, One For All. He definitely has the speed and strength to quickly take out his opponents, such as Wolfram in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.

Aizawa wouldn't be able to keep up with Deku for very long. He would likely go down to a single 100% Detroit Smash.

1) Tomura Shigaraki


Tomura Shigaraki is arguably the most dangerous threat in My Hero Academia. His Decay Quirk can destroy anything he touches instantly. It's easily among the strongest abilities within the series.

Aizawa has fought a significantly weaker Shigaraki back in the U.S.J. arc. Erasure is the only reason he was able to fight the villain without crumbling into dust.

However, Shigaraki is much faster now since he awakened his powers in the Meta Liberation Army saga. He is a time bomb waiting to go off, and Aizawa lacks the necessary moves to knock him out for good.