4 My Hero Academia characters that Momo can beat (and 4 she cannot)

Momo and her favorite weapon (Image via Studio Bones)
Momo and her favorite weapon (Image via Studio Bones)

Momo Yaoyorozu doesn't always live up to her potential in My Hero Academia, yet she is still a very keen fighter.

The most intelligent member of Class 1-A, Momo ranked first in the Quirk Apprehension Test. Her special ability is Creation, which allows her to make inorganic materials from her body, as long as she understands their complex molecular structure.

Of course, Momo is a genius who makes it look easy. She can make anything from cannons and metal doors to infrared goggles and tracking devices. Her Quirk is among the most versatile in My Hero Academia. While she can put down a few opponents here and there, she can also be outmatched.

'My Hero Academia' characters that Momo can beat

4) Mustard


Mustard was a former member of the Vanguard Action Squad who first made their appearance in the Forest Training Camp arc. He can use his Gas Quirk to make his enemies fall asleep. Mustard can also use a pistol for lethal purposes.

However, Momo needs to procure the following items:

  • A gas mask to protect herself
  • A metal shield to deflect bullets

Momo needs to break Mustard's gas mask from that point forward. He will either be forced to stop using his Quirk or fall asleep himself. Momo could probably create some blunt force weapons.

3) Spinner


Spinner is arguably the weakest member of the League of Villains. All he can do is swing a sword and cling to walls. He is a basic fighter in My Hero Academia.

By comparison, Momo has a diverse range of weapons at her disposal. For example, she would probably use a combination of tear gas and a protective mask. She could also use a cannon to lead him into the line of fire.

2) Koji Koda


Although he is rarely seen in My Hero Academia, Koji Koda is interesting. He can use Anivoice to call all living creatures to his side. For example, he can easily control an entire flock of birds.

Of course, Momo could use capture nets to keep the animals in a single location. She can also lure Koda into a trap, such as setting up smokebombs or knocking him out with an EMP weapon. It won't be easy, yet Momo has always been a crafty fighter in My Hero Academia.

1) Rikido Sato


This is not an easy match for Momo. Sato is a physically dominant fighter who could take her out in a single blow. However, according to the official databooks, Momo is slightly faster. This gives her time to run away and dodge his attacks.

Momo would have to knock out Sato with some sleeping agent. In the meantime, she could distract him with countermeasures like explosive flares or stun grenades. Sato doesn't have the intelligence to compete with My Hero Academia's residential bookworm.

'My Hero Academia' characters that Momo cannot beat

4) Itsuka Kendo


Kendo never gave Momo a chance to fight back during the Joint Training arc. The Class 1-B student was always on the offensive. Her Big Fist is powerful enough to devastate a huge metallic door.

Momo would likely tire out from a physical confrontation, considering Kendo's stamina and endurance.

3) Fumikage Tokoyami


Fumikage presents the same type of problem Kendo does in My Hero Academia. Momo lacks the reaction time she needs to think of a plan, especially when she's under attack. However, Fumikage is a much bigger obstacle than Kendo.

During the Sports Festival arc, all Fumikage needed was for Dark Shadow to constantly go on the offensive. Momo could barely react before getting eliminated from the tournament. Fumikage has only gotten stronger under specific training from Hawks himself, the number two hero in Japan.

2) Tenya Ida


Simply put, Ida is among the fastest U.A. students in My Hero Academia. Momo wouldn't even have time to formulate a strategy against him. Ida could use a Recipro Boost to knock her out immediately. Even Shoto Todoroki couldn't dodge it at the Sports Festival.

1) Gigantomachia


Ignore the obvious strength gap between these competitors. Even if Momo had fully trained herself for this fight, her stamina would run out very quickly.

If Momo took an offensive approach by creating giant missile launchers, these complex machines would take some time to make. Even then, there is no guarantee that Gigantomachia will go down. Momo would also lose a lot of energy by that point. She doesn't have the time to get what she needs.

However, if Momo wanted to put Gigantomachia to sleep, she would have another problem. She would need some way to reach his mouth. Unfortunately, she would constantly be on the run from this bulky villain. As previously shown in My Hero Academia, Momo fares poorly when pressured.

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