My Hero Academia: 4 characters that Hawks can beat (and 4 he cannot)

Hawks always makes it look easy in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)
Hawks always makes it look easy in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

Hawks is currently ranked number two in My Hero Academia's Pro Hero rankings. This makes him a top fighter within the series. A lot of it has to do with his Quirk. Fierce Wings allows him to control multiple feathers and use them for different purposes, such as cutting through enemies and carrying large objects.

While he's not the physically strongest character in My Hero Academia, Hawks is a versatile flyer with a keen intellect. He can definitely keep up with the highest-ranked heroes and villains. Having said that, Hawks does have his limits, which prevent him from reaching the very top of the rankings.

Here's a look at four characters that Hawks can beat in a fight and another four he would likely lose against.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views and contains major spoilers from the manga.

My Hero Academia characters that Hawks would likely beat in a fight

4) Moonfish


Even though he was an early villain in My Hero Academia, Moonfish shouldn't be underestimated. His Blade-Tooth Quirk made him a dangerous threat in the Forest Training Camp arc. He only lost because he went up against a fully powered-up Dark Shadow.

The official databook for My Hero Academia gives Hawks an advantage in this fight. When it comes to speed and technique, Moonfish is listed in the A tier, while Hawks is listed in the S+ tier.

Hawks is fast enough to get in a few hits and take Moonfish down. The Pro Hero can also use his keen eyesight to see through his opponent's attacks.

3) Mirko


Mirko is more physically dominant than Hawks could ever hope to be. Hawks cannot allow the Rabbit Hero to get too close or else the fight will end badly for him. However, he doesn't need to confront her in a direct clash. Instead, he can rely on his feathers for a mid-range battle.

Flight and telekinesis are a major advantage in My Hero Academia. These abilities would allow Hawks to maintain his distance from Mirko. He just needs to hit his opponent with a few well-placed feathers.

If Hawks can fight against a powerful Nomu in the Pro Hero arc, he can definitely fight Mirko.

2) Overhaul


Overhaul is a deadly force of nature who can disassemble and reassemble anything with his Quirk. He was extremely dangerous in the Shie Hassakai Raid, especially after he got rid of Mirio's powerful Quirk. With that said, the teenage boy still beat the stuffing out of the Yakuza boss.

Hawks will have to speedbiltz Overhaul right from the very beginning. The Pro Hero could also maintain a good distance with his feathers.

If Mirio can briefly handle the villain without his Quirk, Hawks definitely stands a better chance with his.

1) Lady Nagant


This extremely difficult matchup could easily result in Hawk's defeat, especially if he's not careful. Nonetheless, the Pro Hero does have a slim chance of winning.

Lady Nagant's main specialty is her Rifle Quirk, which lets her shoot at enemies from a long distance. She can also use the Air Walk Quirk to her advantage as the ability would give her the best sniping position.

However, Hawks can easily pinpoint her exact location by sensing the air vibrations. The Pro Hero will have to conserve his feathers in this fight since he must rely on speed to avoid her attacks.

Hawks is fast enough to close the distance between himself and Lady Nagant, but he needs to use his Feather Blades to get a precise strike.

My Hero Academia characters that Hawks would definitely lose against

4) Endeavor


Dabi was already a bad matchup for Hawks in the Paranormal Liberation War, as fire attacks can quickly burn through his feathers. Hawks wouldn't fare that much better against Endeavor, who is physically much stronger than Dabi.

Endeavor is currently the number one hero in My Hero Academia, which puts him slightly above Hawks.

Hawks would likely struggle in this match for several reasons. He lacks the strength and durability to fight Endeavor. He could also lose his wings due to burn damage, especially if they are hit directly by Hellfire.

3) Tomura Shigaraki


Shigaraki has gotten too powerful since the Paranormal Liberation War. His Decay Quirk can destroy anything he touches in an instant. He can also steal multiple Quirks with All For One. Additionally, Shigaraki has super regenerative healing and strong physical stats.

Like most characters in the series, Hawks will be completely outclassed in this fight.

2) All For One


Needless to say, All For One would rip most heroes into shreds. This was best seen in the Hideout Raid arc. Even a highly technical fighter like Best Jeanist couldn't do anything.

All For One is a physical monster with access to multiple Quirks. He is right up there with All Might as the strongest fighter in My Hero Academia. Hawks doesn't have a single attack that can faze him, let alone put him down.

1) All Might


All Might was quite possibly the strongest character in My Hero Academia. During the Hideout Raid arc, he was the only person capable of defeating All For One, Japan's most dangerous villain. Not a single Pro Hero can make this claim.

Hawks is unlikely to withstand All Might's powerful attacks, namely his Smash techniques. One For All is simply too strong for Hawks to deal with.

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