4 villains that Mirko from My Hero Academia can beat (and 4 heroes that can beat her)

The Rabbit Hero is back in action (Image via Studio Bones)
The Rabbit Hero is back in action (Image via Studio Bones)

Mirko is an excellent fighter in the My Hero Academia series, which is why she can hold her own against most opponents.

Real name Rumi Usagiyama, she is highly regarded for her melee capabilities. Her Rabbit Quirk gives her enough leg strength to kick away enemies and jump around with extreme force. Mirko is ranked number five within the Pro Heroes ranking system, which makes her a threat to many supervillains.

The Rabbit Hero mainly relies on her strong physical attacks. While she isn't going to take down Stain or Re-Destro anytime soon, there are still powerful villains she can bring to justice. Meanwhile, there are a few heroes above her that can easily take on the enemies she can't.

Note: There are a few manga spoilers in this article.

4 villains from My Hero Academia that Mirko can beat in a fight

4) Toga


Toga is extremely dangerous thanks to her Transform Quirk. Not only can she turn into somebody else with a drop of their blood, she can also gain their powers. This was first seen during the Meta Liberation Army saga, where she used Uraraka's Zero Gravity against her opponents.

Mirko would certainly have to avoid getting touched by Toga. However, the Rabbit Hero is highly regarded for her physical strength, even by My Hero Academia standards. Toga doesn't have the durability to withstand Mirko's super moves, such as the Luna Arc spinning kick.

3) Mr. Compress


Mr. Compress is a very underrated villain in My Hero Academia. Despite his limited screentime, he is very creative with the use of his Quirk. He can shrink anything down into a tiny marble, which can trap opponents. This Quirk can also be used for mutilation purposes.

Just like the previous battle, Mirko would have to quickly overpower Mr. Compress with a series of strong attacks. He lacks the physical stats to defend himself, particularly from very quick maneuvers.

2) Gentle Criminal


Gentle is a versatile fighter due to a very unique Quirk. Elasticity allows him to make anything elastic, just as long as he touches the object. He can use trampolines to jump around and barriers to deflect attacks.

Nonetheless, Mirko's immense leg power is a major asset here. It gives her great mobility when jumping through the air.

She can definitely use the battlefield to her advantage. Whenever Gentle applies his Quirk to a surrounding object, his opponents can also take advantage of the situation. Mirko would perfectly adapt to his environment, given her Quirk.

1) Muscular


Muscular's strength and speed is a sight to behold in My Hero Academia. He is only slightly behind Mirko, according to the official data books (a letter A grade versus A+). His Pump Up Quirk gives him enough power to match One For All, as seen during his fight with Deku in the Forest Training Camp.

Going back to the databooks, Mirko does have a slight advantage with technique and intelligence. She also has enough durability to outlast his powerful attacks. During the Paranormal Liberation War, she took on multiple Nomus at once.

Mirko wins by sheer virtue of her fighting style, since it favors high speed agility and counter attacks.

4 heroes from My Hero Academia that are stronger than Mirko

4) Edge Shot


The 4th ranked Pro Hero is extremely agile with his fighting style. According to data books for My Hero Academia, his speed is rated as six out of six.

Edgeshot can use Foldabody, which allows him to stretch his limbs in a thin manner. Mirko is at a disadvantage, since he can pierce through body parts with ease. Thousand Sheet Pierce would be enough to cut off her blood flow.

Keep in mind that Edgeshot also barely defeated Re-Destro during the Paranormal Liberation War. That was a villain who could take on Shigaraki directly.

3) Beast Jeanist


Beast Jeanist is the 3rd ranked Pro Hero in My Hero Academia, best known for his technical Quirk. Fiber Master allows him to freely control fiber, which is useful against targets with clothes.

Thread of Hope should be able to secure Mirko in place. This was able to restrict someone the size of Gigantomachia during the Paranormal Liberation War. Mirko is physically stronger, but she lacks the technical finnesse of the Blue Jeanist.

2) Hawks


The 2nd ranked Pro Hero is very well rounded in terms of stats. According to the official databooks, he performs exceptionally well in most categories. He is one of the most crafty fighters in My Hero Academia.

All he really lacks is power, but Hawks makes up for it with Fierce Wings. He can manipulate feathers in a variety of ways, such as cutting down opponents.

Mirko would likely be caught off guard by the sheer amount of feathers. Hawks is also much faster than her, which is a major achievement in My Hero Academia. His Quirk gives him a versatile moveset, which means he can perform all sorts of tricks. By comparison, Mirko is rather basic with her fighting approach.

1) Endeavor

My Hero Academia holds a very high standard for top heroes (Image via Studio Bones)
My Hero Academia holds a very high standard for top heroes (Image via Studio Bones)

After All Might's retirement, Endeavor became the number one Pro Hero for the entire state of Japan. The Hellflame Quirk doesn't just give him pyrokinetic abilities, it also gives him much greater attack power.

He can reduce high-level Nomu to mere ashes with Prominence Burn, as seen in the Pro Hero arc. Endeavor may not be at All Might's level in My Hero Academia, but he's not that far away, either. Along with Deku, he dealt the most damage to Shigaraki in the Paranormal Liberation War.

Like most characters, Mirko is not likely to survive a direct hit from his most powerful attacks. While she certainly has the pain tolerance to withstand it, that can only last for so long.

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