Dabi burns down Toga’s childhood home in My Hero Academia chapter 341, the Sludge Villain reappears

Toga and Spider Lilies on the over of chapter 341 (Image via Shonen Jump, Colored by rodycore)
Toga and Spider Lilies on the over of chapter 341 (Image via Shonen Jump, Colored by rodycore)

The unofficial English scan of My Hero Academia chapter 341 confirmed that this chapter focuses on the villains. This seems to be the last chapter of the U.A. Traitor segment, with preparations for the upcoming war complete on both sides.

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

As one of the thematically darker chapters in the series, the scenes and descriptions in My Hero Academia chapter 341 are disturbing and bloody. Readers’ discretion is advised for both the chapter and this article.

My Hero Academia chapter 341 focuses on the villains and their preparations

My Hero Academia, Ch. 340: Hope at last as All Might presents a daring plan to fight back! Read it FREE from the official source!

In chapter 340, All Might elaborates his plan to keep Shigaraki and AFO separate, and isolate every high-ranking villain. They need Aoyama’s help to do that, who is being visited by Aizawa.

Realizing that Aoyama is dominated by fear of betraying his friends once again under AFO’s orders, Aizawa encourages Aoyama to fight to bring about a change, assuring him that he won’t be the only one walking this path. In U.A., Shinsou Hitoshi appears in his new hero costume when his friends tell him that it is time.

My Hero Academia chapter 341 is titled “The story of how we all became heroes (Minus 1)."

Toga’s former home

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My Hero Academia chapter 341 starts with Toga walking through a deserted locality until she arrives at a house. On the outer walls, various curse words such as “devil” and “blood-drinking monster” are written. This is Toga’s childhood home, and as she moves through it to get to the top floor, the dark memories of living there resurface.

#MHA341 Love when MHA gets dark but it pains me to think about how the anime is gonna butcher it and not match it. But nice chapter tho, can’t believe she got some of Twice’s blood. That’s gon be a big problem in the final war.

She was constantly yelled at and verbally abused by her parents, and since she was little, she dreamt of being a little bird. There is a very symbolic dream described by Toga. She often dreams that a red sparrow is dancing on her belly as she lies down, and after some time, the sparrow starts to eat away at her flesh, until it can dance inside her stomach. Toga wishes this dream was real, because it feels good for her.

Dabi’s kindness

#MHA341 #MHASpoilers not him tryna sit in the window looking cool and then jumping out the window like that 🤦‍♀️

As Toga leaves the house after realizing that her parents threw away all her stuff, Dabi appears, sitting at the window of a nearby home. After he taunts that even a “psycho” like Toga has emotions, Dabi asks her if she has what it takes to change the world, to which she replies that they can’t go back now. Satisfied, Dabi tells her that the world doesn’t care if she laughs or cries, so they should laugh instead. As he says it, he sets Toga’s house on fire, saying:

“People live to laugh.”
#MHA341 #MHASpoilers #Dabi #toga #MyHeroAcademia #MHAWho knew Dabi would get so close to Toga... 👀

Toga is surprised, and says that Dabi is very kind for freeing her from her past, but the fire will draw heroes to their location. Dabi says that the heroes are stretched too thin, so they’re fine. He thinks that he might want to see Endeavor perish so much because he is kind. Either way, Dabi instructs Toga that they will use the bit of Twice’s blood which Dabi had nicked in order to continue the Sad Man’s Parade.

#MHA341 Twice still a top 10 character in mha

It is revealed that after ingesting someone’s blood and transforming into them, Toga can replicate their quirk if she is close to that person. This explains how she was able to replicate Ochako’s quirk, since Toga has stated herself that she likes Ochako. Since she was also close to Twice, she should be able to replicate his quirk. Dabi declares that the villains will have the last laugh in this upcoming war.

The villains' hideout

#MHASpoilers #MHA #Spoilers #Tomura #MyHeroAcademiaI never thought I'd see the day when Spinner is the most loyal and caring League of Villains member.

My Hero Academia chapter 341 then shifts to the villains’ hideout, where Shigaraki has been stashed away in a tunnel of sorts and his screams can be heard. AFO assures a worried Spinner that Shigaraki is developing at the right speed and he has passed the point of Quirk Singularity already.

Skeptic appears and tells Spinner that since the Hero Society is especially dismissive and cruel towards the Heteromorphs, Spinner has become a sort of beacon of hope for them. Despite Spinner denying that he has any such importance, Skeptic hands him a remote and appoints him to take Re Destro’s place.

Spinner realizes that this movement is bigger than his inhibitions and decides to step up for Shigaraki. He advances towards a room where all the villains under AFO’s control, including the Nomus and the Sludge Villain from chapter 1, have assembled. AFO says:

“That’s right, Iguchi-kun. Anyone can become someone’s hero.”

My Hero Academia chapter 341 ends with a close up of Shigaraki’s eyes.


#mhaspoilers #mha340Imo the spider lilies represent Toga saying goodbye to her past, there is a symbolism with Dabi burning her old house.Now she has Twice blood and is ready to continue the path of destruction alongside her friends.

The Cover of My Hero Academia chapter 341 portrays Toga and spider lilies, which most fans consider to be a death flag for Toga, while others think that it signifies her emancipation from her past. Toga using Twice’s blood spells trouble for the heroes.

The red sparrow in Toga’s dreams could be pointing towards Hawks. Some fans have speculated that Toga will be targeting Hawks, and might even kill him using Twice’s quirk. However, Horikoshi has also announced that Toga will have another confrontation with Ochako.

#MHASpoilers #MHA341This line from Dabi is so great. Really hope the official won't be too different

With Spinner at the forefront, the foreshadowing of Mutant discrimination in My Hero Academia universe comes full circle. This could also mean that Shoji’s past might come to light during this segment, and the Anti-Creature Cult will once again become relevant.

It is unclear what the remote does, but it is presumably the trigger for the entire war. Sludge Villain's return has most fans anticipating a one-on-one fight between him and Bakugou. Unless the Sludge Villain has some importance as of yet unknown to the readers, Bakugou fighting him would not have any other significance than some character growth.

#MHA341 #MHASpoilers #mha ...spinner.. my heart cannot take this ..

Lastly, when AFO tells Spinner that anyone can become someone’s her, My Hero Academia chapter 341 shows Shigaraki specifically. Spinner’s concern for and devotion to Shigaraki is potent in this chapter, and this may later become an important plot point.

Final thoughts

My Hero Academia chapter 341 was a darker, more thought-provoking chapter than the last few. This chapter brings the criminals to the forefront, especially Dabi, Toga, and Spinner. The next chapter will likely enter the war properly.

My Hero Academia Volume 33 Cover.

It is rumored that Horikoshi will be taking a much-needed break next chapter, but nothing can be said for certain until this chapter is officially out. My Hero Academia chapter 341 can be officially read on Manga Plus and Viz after its release on Sunday, January 23.

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