My Hero Academia: How does Deku have multiple quirks?

Hero vs Villains (Image via BONES)
Hero vs Villains (Image via BONES)

How does Deku aka Izuku Midoriya, the protagonist of My Hero Academia have multiple quirks when he was born without a single one?

In the world of My Hero Academia, a character's quirks determine the path they take in their life. They also determine how far one can travel on that path. Being born without any quirk can hamper life in a huge way, making characters a prime target for bullying and all the other consequences that they might have to face.

As a result, having multiple quirks does solve a person's problems in life to a huge degree. However, going from having none at all to having multiple ones? How does that work? Take a look at how Deku got a quirk that sealed his fate and turned a quirkless boy into a budding hero that could potentially save everyone in My Hero Academia.

How did Deku get his quirk in My Hero Academia?


Izuku Midoriya, was born without a quirk. This seemed to seal his fate and made him a prime target for bullying even when he kept dreaming of becoming a powerful Hero like his idol, All Might. He first came face to face with All Might when the latter saved him from a villain. Later when the villain broke free and attacked Bakugo, Deku jumped into the fight to help him despite being completely quirkless.

As such, when All Might learned of this, he decided that Deku can become a great Hero with a little help from him. So after ten months of rigorous training, All Might passed his power One For All to Deku, after which he passed the U.A Academy's entrance exam and took his first step on the path of becoming a Hero in the world of My Hero Academia.

How does Deku have multiple quirks?

One For All is a quirk that gets passed down from user to user in My Hero Academia. What it can do is provide characters with amazing physical powers, and store and manifest the quirks of the previous cultivators of One For All. As such, the quirks that Deku uses are nothing but all the quirks of its previous users that got accepted and molded into One For All.

As a result, One For All has a total of seven different manifestations that Deku can use when the need arises.

Although, he had to master them on his own one by one to the degree that he could use them with ease. With the level of development he has shown, fans are sure that he is going to be one of the best One For All users, mastering it completely and using it to a complete 100%.


Although there are seven different manifestations, they are all part of the same quirk. This is why the fandom always gets divided into two factions debating whether Deku really has multiple quirks, or is it a single one that he has.

The hype of My Hero Academia is off the charts in the fandom after a hint of season 6 airing next year was revealed at Jump Festa 2022. To learn more about this anime, keep yourself updated with more news and features about My Hero Academia here.