Naruto’s Talk No Jutsu explained

Naruto using Talk no Jutsu on Nagato and Konan (Image via Sportskeeda)
Naruto using Talk no Jutsu on Nagato and Konan (Image via Sportskeeda)

As Naruto is one of the Big 3 Shonen anime, there is no doubt regarding its popularity. Having one of the most intriguing storylines with a huge cast of characters, the anime has garnered a lot of praise. However, the character who has always been in the spotlight is none other than the titular protagonist Naruto Uzumaki.

Despite being a fictional character, Naruto is a role model for many, due to his distinctive look towards life. Even if his village is threatened by a criminal or rogue, he still tries to reform them.

Fans might argue about Naruto’s best feat of all time could be Senjutsu or the Nine-Tails. In reality, though, it is his Talk no Jutsu that has proven to be his most remarkable.

What is Naruto’s Talk no Jutsu and how did it become popular?


Naruto is currently the strongest shinobi of all time, and there are many reasons behind his accomplishment. However, Talk no Jutsu has been the most prominent move that has brought him this far because it indeed works like a charm.

Basically, Talk no Jutsu is a made-up word by fans, for Naruto’s ability to persuade an individual to redirect their perspective on the rightful track. These characters are mostly known for their antagonistic attributes, who just want to wreak havoc upon the world. However, Naruto never really gives up on anyone, no matter how twisted his opponents are.

Although it can’t be classified in any group of Jutsu, it is still regarded to be the most powerful technique in the Narutoverse. Even the mangaka of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto confirmed that it is certainly the most powerful Jutsu, as it was based on his personal experience where his therapist performed a Talk no Jutsu on him, which surprisingly worked.

It is being said that the original inventor of this Jutsu was in fact the renowned Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, which was unbelievable at first. However, he used this Jutsu to spread Ninshu and bring peace to the world.

Surprisingly, Naruto learned Talk no Jutsu from Iruka Umino when the latter tried to save him from Mizuki.

Throughout the series, Naruto used his Talk no Jutsu on many people, even on his allies like Neji Hyuga during the Chuunin Exam. From that moment, the Jutsu was so powerful that it drained Neji of all the rage he carried against the Head Hyuga family and his cousin Hinata.

Even Gaara wasn’t spared from Naruto’s Talk no Jutsu, as he became the latter's formidable ally. It also improved the relationship between Konoha and Sunagakure.

However, Kurama is considered to be Naruto's greatest accomplishment, as nobody in years had managed to befriend the Nine-Tails. He also gained Kurama's respect in the aftermath of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

There have been so many characters who got defeated by the Talk no Jutsu including the likes of Nagato, Obito, Tsunade, etc. The list just goes on and on, which talks about its true potential in volumes. Over the course of time, the Talk no Jutsu has become a timeless meme.

However, Naruto has proved that not all battles are fought with a fist, and sometimes your wisdom is enough to turn the tide.