Naruto: The real reason behind why Jiraiya wasn't reincarnated is one nobody saw coming

What happened to Jiraiya after his death? (Image via Pierrot)
What happened to Jiraiya after his death? (Image via Pierrot)

Jiraiya is one of the most beloved characters in the Naruto series whose death impacted every single fan that grew up watching the series. He played a crucial role in the protagonist’s upbringing and tried his best to safeguard Konohagakure without being the Hokage of the village.

However, fans have been asking questions about the possible events that could have happened after Jiraiya’s death. Some suggest that he could have been reincarnated in the Edo Tensei form since Kabuto had access to his body, and his soul was in the Pure Lands owing to his death. If that was the case, why wasn’t Jiraiya brought back using Edo Tensei to fight Naruto, which could have tipped the scales in their favor?

The fanbase has come up with some interesting theories regarding this. Let’s take a look at why Jiraiya wasn’t brought back using Edo Tensei.

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Naruto: What are the possible events that took place after Jiraiya’s death?

First, let’s understand what Edo Tensei is. This is an advanced jutsu that allows a person to attach the soul from the Pure Land to a living sacrifice using a seal. To do this, two conditions need to be satisfied: the person's DNA, whose soul is attached to the living sacrifice, must be present to make the seal. The second criterion is that their soul should be in the Pure Land.

By that logic, Jiraiya could have been resurrected since he died in battle against Pain, and his blood was on the black rods. He also lost his arm during that fight before he drowned in the ocean.


This particular Naruto theory connects all of this to Amado. Fans believe that Amado was working in the Hidden Rain Village, which seemed to be technologically advanced compared to other villages. If this was the case, Amado could have been working with the top brass to utilize their technology and conduct experiments.

Nagato acquired Rinnegan at a young age and no one taught him how to utilize its powers. It’s not far-fetched to assume that Amado could have analyzed its powers, helped Nagato create the Six Paths of Pain, and control the six clones using the chakra rods that acted like cellphone towers.

In the Naruto series, Nagato had a lot of respect for Jiraiya, and this could have influenced Amado’s thinking as well. This is probably why Amado has a lot of respect for Jiraiya, which was confirmed in the Boruto series when he made the clone, Kashin Koji.

After Jiraiya’s death, Amado was probably instructed to take a DNA sample of Jiraiya to make him another clone. However, Nagato soon died, and now Amado has access to DNA and the body. Amado, doing what he does best, decided to make a clone of Jiraiya, which was later shown in Boruto.

Aside from Kishimoto not wanting to get Jiraiya into the picture because Naruto would not handle it well, this is one possible explanation why Jiraiya was not reincarnated through Edo Tensei.

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