New Naruto anime project release details leaked

Naruto Uzumaki (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Naruto Uzumaki (Image via Studio Pierrot)

After many a tease from the Naruto Jump Festa 2023 stage, new leaks apparently have appeared for a new Naruto anime project. Of all the things that were announced from the 2023 Jump Festa 2023 stage, from the Narutop99 poll to the large live concert featuring Kanna-Boon, this one was more rumor than anything.

The leaked banner does seem official, announcing four new episodes to begin broadcasting starting on September 3, 2023. It's got fans wondering if the leak is legitimate since the banner is official and bears all the marks of something official since it is Naruto's 20th anniversary.

Disclaimer: As even the leaker said in the announcement tweet, this is not yet official and should be taken with a grain of salt.

New Naruto anime project details leaked on Twitter

New anime draws hype

Since the Naruto Jump Super Stage 2023 turned out to be a major disappointment for many, the idea of a remake or reboot or something to do with the anime was on many minds. Aside from the Sasuke Retsuden announcement, which was Boruto based, there was no big anime news at the event for the original series.

Needless to say, that changed majorly following this leak. Some people have wondered many things about this project, like whether it's a series retrospective, a connecting arc between the original series and Boruto to bridge that gap, or something else entirely.

This hype has already started, as some people enjoyed the first part of the series quite a lot. A lot of people miss the original series, so going back there seems like an interesting idea. The Boruto Time Slip arc, while filler, was loved for seeing the original characters and generation in a crisp and clearer art style.

Possibilities for the four episodes

Given that these seem to be televised episodes, it's unlikely to be an OVA or a filler arc. Overriding Boruto, as much as some fans wish that would happen, is as unlikely as One Piece ending soon, given the massive push the show has gotten from Shueisha, Viz, and other outlets.

So, in that case, the conclusion to make is based on the image of the Seventh Hokage comforting his younger self. It's no surprise that celebratory episodes commemorating anniversaries usually come in the form of movies, like the upcoming Sailor Moon Cosmos or other forms of celebration.

So, the question is, what exactly could this be about? A four-part retrospective would be very interesting in the newer, cleaner art style. However, some people believe it to be a four-part bridge between the original series and Boruto, given that there are still years between the two series that haven't been shown yet.

Whatever the case may be, Naruto fans will have to wait for an official announcement to see what's going on with this brand-new anime project. The leaker themselves even said that it is to be taken with a grain of salt in case it turns out to be nothing.

Stay tuned for updates in the coming months.

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